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Ultralight fun flying_Low flying HD

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Music : Japanese Happy Song, Cheerful, Joyful,../ White Noise Relaxation

SUPERB Close Up 747 Winter Runway Action (2...

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SUPERB Close Up 747 Winter Runway Action (2000)

Escape from the Iron Curtain in a microlite

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In 1984 Ivo Zdarsky escaped from the Iron Curtain in a microlite he designed and built.

UNUSUAL WING MOVEMENT before 747 is airborne

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UNUSUAL WING MOVEMENT before 747 is airborne

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Washington DC Airport

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One of the most scenic airports in the USA! Join us at busy Washington and see close-ups of all MAJOR US airlines as well as Spirit - National - American Trans Air - Air Canada and more! This is a super exciting airport as very few offer the viewer a close view to the action! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at

B 17 Aluminum Overcast in Lebanon TN 2004 - ad...

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This is some additional footage that I took of this video on the same day. It was raining really hard at times and I took the time while standing under the wing & fuselage to shoot additional footage. I was also allowed inside to film. The black & white footage was shot on some very old B&W stock. Gave the images a very different look. The Huey Cobra helicopter was flying over the airfield and when it saw the B-17, they came down and took a closer look, hovering just over the runway. The projector I shot the DV file from is an old kodak and I had to continually adjust the film speed to make sure the darker bar didn't cross the image more than it did. Thanks for looking and for sharing. This was shot on an old Bell & Howell Filmo and an old Keystone A-12 Movie camera.

Aviation action in Carlisle, PA 10-8-11

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Aircraft 1: Hughes OH-6 Aircraft 2: Piper PA-28 Cherokee Aircraft 3: Piper PA-34 Seneca Aircraft 4: Aerospatiale SA365N of Life Lion Areomedical Services.

Gulfstream G550 N4PG landing at Airport Bern-Belp

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Gulfstream G550 N4PG landing at Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland after a long-haul flight from USA.

Lufthansa Airbus wingstrike at Hamburg

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The Lufthansa flight LH44 from Munich experienced wingstrike while landing at Hamburg on 1 March 2008 during a storm. Nobody was injured; the plane landed using another runway.

Airbus Opens to Eco Efficiency Fuels

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Airbus and Alternative Fuel Flight Tests - a interview with Sebastian Remy, Head of Alternative Fuels Research Program

Atlas Air

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Look at this amazing promotional video of Atlas Air Cargo, year 2004. Enjoy the clip!

Aviation Dassault Rafale

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Vidéo de l'avion militaire français le plus performant : le rafale.

Air Asia X Airbus A330 - London Stansted Airpo...

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This video begins with an Iceland Air Cargo Boeing 757F landing at Stansted Airport, this was filmed earlier in 2011. Following the short title sequence is footage filmed on 24th September 2011, including FedEX Boeing 777 arrival and then another rare treat (I do keep trying to bring them to you!), as Air Asia X substituted their usual Airbus A340 aircraft with an A330 instead, I've included both the arrival and night time departure. The video also includes a fantastic sounding private 767-300 in the form of VP-CME and a FedEX MD11 rounds off the departures. As always, I really hope you enjoy. Please share the link with your aviation friends and I look forward to your comments.