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Latest Aviation Videos

Sully - Official Trailer HD

02:03 4 0 (not yet rated)

Trailer of the movie based on a true story. Cpt. Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) after dual engine loss managed to ditch in the Hudson River. All passengers and crew members survived. Movie Director: Clint Eastwood.

10x F18 Hornet FiAF Take Off + Low Level La...

01:00 1306 0 (not yet rated)

Leeuwarden Air Base Finnish Air Force Take Off and Low level Overhead Landing Vliegbasis Leeuwarden Frisian Flag 2016

Pilot Report: the Airbus A350 by Aviation Week HD

05:52 1802 1

Pilot Report: the Airbus A350 by Aviation Week

Videos Being Watched Right Now

CanJet 737-800 at Southend (SEN)

00:24 209514 0

It was a grey day, 26th May 2008.

Iseo Lake, Italy

06:49 90915 0

500 ft over Iseo lake, Italy 16.08.13

Air Force One Kitchen

00:41 208488 0

This in-flight meal puts peanuts and soda to shame. This kitchen serves up filet mignon, and even knows how you take your coffee.

777-200LR Boeing - time lapse

04:13 210442 0

This is really cool. See a Delta 777 built and take off in 4 minutes 10 seconds. This is a fast time elapsed sequence video of a Boeing 777 being assembled. You may want to see it more than once to appreciate what is done. It is amazing

Featured Videos

10x EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Full Speed TAKE OFF

00:01 5537 0 (1 votes)

Leeuwarden Airbase German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon Take Off

Firefighting Aircraft Drop Water From Fire's Perspective HD

00:12 9846 1 (1 votes)

Firefighting Aircraft Drop Water From A Fire's Perspective

Take Off Classic Saab Safir + Scheibe Super Falke TEUGE

00:01 10334 0 ( Not yet rated )

Saab 91D Safir PH-RLD & Scheibe SF 25E PH-676 Super Falke at Teuge Airport, Vliegveld Teuge


03:55 14107 0 ( Not yet rated )


Amazing Night Flight HD

04:04 133824 3 (6 votes)

Night Flight, this is a truly amazing video. Author & copyrights goes to Bernd Mellmann.

Swiss Airport Spectacular

01:09 215641 0 ( Not yet rated )

-Last of the Swissair MD-11s -Rare 1960s footage -Last Caravelle at Zurich This Swiss Airport Spectacular takes you to the main airports serving this unique and beautiful mountainous country. Witness the diverse international action from Zurich Kloten and Geneva Cointrin International Airports along with the European traffic of regional Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroPort, an airport that is operated by 2 different countries and has a customs station dividing the airport in half! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at

Boeing 747-200 Dramatic Take Off Bournemouth

00:49 240502 8 (20 votes)

Boeing 747-200 Dramatic Take Off Bournemouth - (Eghh - Boh) Hurn International. It uses alle the RWY available! Nice!