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Latest Aviation Videos

Dutch F35 vs F16 Low Approach Pass

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F-002 Flight experience test F-35 vs F-16 belevingsvluchten, belevingsvlucht Vliegbasis Leeuwarden, Air Base Leeuwarden

3x Dutch F16 Wet Runway Spray landing - Lee...

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RNLAF F-16: J-509. J-021, J-002 Vliegbasis Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden Air Base

London Stansted Airport - Cargolux LX-VCM C...

01:00 1939 0 (not yet rated)

London Stansted Airport - Cargolux LX-VCM Cutaway livery Boeing 747-8 You Name it We Fly It. Sky Prime Aviation Airbus, Talos Aviation Boeing 757. With Ryanair and Thomson for good measure. Filmed during 40 Knot gusting winds at London Stansted, this video (part of my series celebrating 10,000 subscribers), includes the brilliant special 'cutaway' livery of Cargolux Boeing 747-8F LX-VCM Talos Aviation Boeing 757 M-RISE Sky Prime Aviation Airbus A320 HZ-SKY3 Ryanair Boeing 737 EI-ESA Thomson 737 G-FDZT plus a short clip of an American Air Force KC135

2x Dutch F35 Lightning II 5th Generation fi...

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23-5-2016: History has been made, first time ever in Europe our new pride the Dutch RNLAF F-35A touchdown in The Netherlands Leeuwarden Air Base.

Birds on Takeoff

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Duo F-16 Afterburner Take Off Belgian AF

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BAF F16: FA124, FA103, FA69, FA87, FA102 Vliegbasis Leeuwarden Leeuwarden Air Base Frisian Flag 2016

Videos Being Watched Right Now

Army Lynx Helicopter Doing Aerobatics and Amaz... HD

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Army Lynx Helicopter Doing Aerobatics and Amazing Back Flips.

Military Brit Marshaller

02:19 204413 1

Check out this funny UK RAF military marshaller!

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300 takeoff RW25...

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Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300 takeoff RW25R at Barcelona-El prat while an A319 of Iberia starts engine test next to it. Of course with Alfonso Rodenas Comments because one manteinment person was shooting with his camera inside the airport. Please visit : HD

Funny onboard

00:33 198767 1

Kids on board, we have space for them!!!!.

B-29 Fortress landing at AirVenture 2011

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B-29 Fortress landing at AirVenture 2011

Featured Videos

Costanza Lake Mid Air Collision

09:32 209924 1 (1 votes)

This is national geographic reconstruction of the mid air collision over costanza lake (2002)