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Great Memories of Newark (1997)

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Bristol Blenheim vs Ki-43 Hayabusa

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Aircraft of WW II, Southeast Asian Theatre

PilotCAM 787 into Oslo Rwy 19R

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PilotCAM 787 Finals into LAX Rwy 24R

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London Heathrow Runway Memories (2000)

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CLOSE UP British airways 777-200 go around ...

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The BA 777-200 on final from Beijing performed a go around on runway 27R at London Heathrow due to an unstable approach!

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SuperPuma Helicopter

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Video taken during a visit to HK GFS base, SuperPuma is the largest helicopter in use for various search & Rescue and transportation missions.

Lancaster Bomber Flypast at Carlisle Airport

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Only 2 aircraft of this type are flyng in the world! This was a flypast by the Lancaster Bomber at Carlisle Airport. It celebrated the birthday of war veteran Harry Dobinson, who worked as a rear gunner on the Lancaster during World War II. Please visit the Solway Aviation Museum website for details of future displays.

Bratislava: M. R. Štefánik Airport - Visual ...

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Visual approach and landing at runway 22. Vizuálne priblíženie a pristátie na dráhe 22. Thanks for watching. *Please subscribe* for more videos. Watch my channel for more cockpit videos - Landings and Takeoffs:

Helicopter squad saves bird from high tension ...

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Helicopter squad saves bird from high tension powerline

Quick Lap Around the Boat! HD

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Morning Lap Around the Boat!

Antonov AN-12 UR-DWF, Malaysian Airlines Boein...

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Filmed Sunday July 10th 2011, this video includes some very rare / one off arrivals and departures at London Stansted Airport. First among the arrivals is the Antonov AN12 propellar aircraft. The first time I've filmed one of these and what an amazing sight and sound. It looks like the engines burn coal! I've included shots of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 operating a charter flight believed to be carrying Arsenal FC plus a BA Embraer departs. See a colourful Danish Air Transport DAT MD80 arrive and depart and bmi baby's new tail livery. {Apologies for some minor sound glitches these are caused by real time HD video editing on a very old PC... i'd be lost without it, but it's struggling now!}

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Skydivers miracle near miss collision with airplane

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Skydivers in free fall miracle near miss collision with airplane

Scenic GoPro Landing at Isafjordur Iceland HD

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Scenic GoPro Landing at Isafjordur Iceland.

Russian Fighter Su-27 intercepts P-3 Orion over Baltic Sea HD

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November 2014, Russian Fighter Su-27 intercepts P-3 Orion over Baltic Sea

Dassault Balzac V

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The Dassault Balzac V was a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) testbed. It was built by Dassault Aviation from a prototype Mirage III to test the configuration for the Mirage IIIV. The Balzac V began tethered hovering on October 13, 1962 and achieved the first free hover only six days later, two months ahead of schedule. The first accelerating transition from vertical take-off to horizontal flight took place on its seventeenth sortie on March 18, 1963. The aircraft crashed on January 10, 1964, on its 125th sortie, during a low-altitude hover. During a vertical descent the aircraft experienced uncontrollable divergent wing oscillations, the port wing eventually striking the ground at an acute angle with the aircraft rolling over because of the continued lift engine thrust. The loss was attributed to loss of control because the stabilising limits of the three-axis autostabilisatio....

X35B Flight Tests

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X35B Joint Strike Fighter ..