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Opposing aces shot each other down HD

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This is the event in which an American ace and Russian ace shot each other down in Korean War.

COCKPIT AIRBUS A380 on Takeoff

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JustPlanes filmed on the flightdeck of MALAYSIA AIRLINES Airbus A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow. For the full 4h15min film visit

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General Aviation Security Magazine, Spring 201...

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Publisher Dave Hook interviews Joe Corrao concerning his proposed method to categorize more precisely the different types of missions in civil aviation.

Glider Emergency ditching HD

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Glider Emergency ditching.

Hanging By A Thread Plane Crash pt 5

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Continuation of a deadly situation on a plane at Aloha Airlines.

taking off from a cow pasture runway

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The cattle are accustomed to this ultralight. They take their time in moving out of the way.

FedEx B-727 landing at Merrill Field 2nd Video HD

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This is a collage of the event: FedEx B-727 landing at Merrill Field (Alaska), 4000 foot runway.

TACA Airline incident B767 Guatemala City

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06 April 1993. The aircraft touched down more than 3500 feet down 10,001 foot runway 19. The aircraft was unable to stop on the rain-slick runway, departing the left side of the runway, and running down an embankment into several homes. Passenger onboard video.

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EVA AIR A321 Takeoff From RCKH/KHH

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EVA AIR A321-200 Takeoff From RCKH/KHH to Shanghai at 2016/11/11

10x EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Full Speed TAKE OFF

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Leeuwarden Airbase German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon Take Off

Chinook Training Flight

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Look at this training flight on the Chinook!

The airline of your dreams!

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Check out this airline, the sexiest hostess are here!!! :-P