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X-31 24 degree short landing.

F15 Low Altitude Flying Onboard Camera

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F15 Low Altitude Flying Over The Mountains. Onboard Camera Movie

AV8B - Low Altitude Turning

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Nice record of an AV8B DUring Low Altitude Turning seen from the cockpit.

B17 low passage!

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Nice movie of a World War 2 B17 during low pass

Vertical Take off MIG 29

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Spectacular take off of the MIG 29 at the RIAT 2015. Straight from take off into vertical.

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Cri-Cri - World's Smallest Electric Twin Engine Aircraft

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Twin-Engine electric MC15E Colomban Cri-Cri, the Future is here. World Speed Record with this electric aircraft : 283 km/h (175,46 mph) This airplane was equipped with two ELECTRAVIA electric motors, two E-PROPS propellers specially designed for this record, and two Lithium-Polymère KOKAM BATTERIES. The two electric engines E-MOTOR GMPE 104 (engines and controllers), maximum unit power the 35 HP (total power of the aircraft 70 HP)

Extreme Rare CAC BOOMERANG - Sanicole 2015

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The only still remaining flying BOOMERANG in the world!

THUNDER YAKS are GO - Air to Air [video]

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SMOKE ON..... the Dutch Thunder Yaks Display Team at Wings of Freedom Airshow 2015. Pilots: Hans Hollink "Contact", Willem Doorduin "Pencil" and Chirs van den Broek "Clogs" Filmed by ATERBURNPOWER "Shooter"

Lightning hit Delta B737 during taxi at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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Lightning hit Delta B737 during taxi, all the planes where on hold due to a tunderstorm overhead the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Turkish F-16 Pilot Duck Under Landing HD

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Turkish F-16 Pilot Duck Under Landing

Russian helicopter highway flying HD

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Check out the crazy Russians. I guess they don't have to conform to any of the FAR's. Wonder if you could get special dispensation from FSDO for a maintenance flight like this. Must be practicing "nap of the earth" flying.