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Vertical Take off MIG 29

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Spectacular take off of the MIG 29 at the RIAT 2015. Straight from take off into vertical.

PilotCAM 737 into Norman Wells

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Flying Dublin Airport to London Heathrow LH...

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This video is of the takeoff from Dublin Airport aboard Aer Lingus Airbus A320, check out the fly over the airport and just about see some Ryanair landings and a recently returned EI-DEO back to Aer Lingus but still in Little Red livery. This is followed by arrival / landing at London Heathrow Airport complete with taxi to gate. The taxi at Heathrow includes many aircraft including Virgin Atlantic 787-9s and Little Red aircraft. As ever, I hope you enjoy watching

ANCHORAGE "Heavy Freighters" by j...

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When Red Chinese fighters shot down a Catha...

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The Hainan Island Incident of 1954. Music : Manao Drums of China Power Girls / Gary von der Ahe / YouTube

GearCAM into the Amazon (Ecuador)

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On the fringe of the mountains

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An ultralight aircraft flies near the mountains

Pan Am Flight 943 Ditching

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This Boeing 337 Stratocruiser developed engine trouble at the "Point of No Return" between California and Hawaii, back in 1956. The Captain successfully ditched his aircraft in the ocean, with no loss of life. The ordeal of Pan Am 943 After losing power on its way from Honolulu to San Francisco in October 1956, Pan Am Flight 943 maintained radio communication with the Coast Guard cutter Pontchartrain in the sea below as it considered a risky ocean landing. Other airplanes and ships relayed some of these messages to the mainland.

Acro Glider Emilio Corea by Simone

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Slovenia Air Borne 07 This is my video!! Buona Visione

Kenya Airways 787 Dreamgirls

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Top-ten low pass of all time

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Top-ten low pass of all time, all videos takeon from TakeOffTube! ;-)

US Air Force Boeing 757, Gulfstream 550, Hercu...

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This video includes some rare military movements at London Stansted, along with executive aircraft and some more familiar visitors. Beginning with FedEX MD11, the video moves to a short title sequence before a military coloured Royal Air Force of Oman Lockheed C-130J-30 Hercules rotates from Runway 04. Boeing 747-400 Omani One A40-OMN then lands, followed by A US Government Gulfstream 550 departing to Andrews AFB. A US Government Boeing 757 is also seen departing. Both of the US aircraft coincided with Senator John Kerry's visit to the UK, Europe and Middle East in early March 2013. Note this video was uploaded some time after those visits had taken place.

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Pure P-51 Mustang Whistle Sounds - "Damn Yankee"

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Pure P-51 Mustang Whistle Sounds - "Damn Yankee"

Su-27S vs MiG-29UB

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An air combat between 2 Russian-built jet fighters in Eritrean-Ethiopian War of 1998-2000. Music : Bellydancing Drum Circle Jam 2 /

Arrivals and Departures @ San Diego International Airport - A310, A320, 737 + more!

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Some great footage of various aircraft arriving and departing San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field) KSAN! A bit shaky due to bad tripod handling of wind. Enjoy! Please share!

Extreme Crosswind Landings at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport HD

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Extreme Crosswind Landings at Amsterdam Airport

A quiet fishing day!

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Look at this funny clip..