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Outclassed, outgunned and outnumbered ! HD

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WWII Thai fighter pilots made do with what they had in the defense of their homeland. Music : Lampang Girl / Tanis SriKlinDee flute

Australian Air Force Globemaster C17 low pa... HD

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Australian Air Force Globemaster C17 VERY COOL low pass Brisbane

Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

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Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

Awesome SMOKY TOUCHDOWNS 747, MD11 & CO...

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Plane Spotting HANEDA - Awesome Traffic!

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Plane Spotting HANEDA - Awesome Traffic!

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Hamburg International Airbus A319-112

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D-AHIK (cn 3560) 10th aniversary special colors

3x SPITFIRE Reaching For The Sky LELYSTAD

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Flying Legends: G-CISV/R9649 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb G-AIST Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I G-CGUK Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I Lelystad Airport, Vliegveld Lelystad

British Airways A318 London city airport

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British Airways operate the largest airliner into London's City Airport. LCY is a STOL airport and the A318 flies daily to New York JFK via Shannon ROI.

whaaasup (F-14)

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F14 Tomcat shenanigans

B-52 Stratofortress INCREDIBLE Landing Without...

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January 10, 1964, started out as a typical day for the flight test group at Boeing's Wichita plant. Pilot Chuck Fisher took off in a B-52H with a three-man Boeing crew, flying a low-level profile to obtain structural data. Over Colorado, cruising 500 feet above the mountainous terrain, the B-52 encountered some turbulence. Fisher climbed to 14,300 feet looking for smoother air. At this point the typical day ended.The bomber flew into clear-air turbulence. It felt as if the plane had been placed in a giant high-speed elevator, shoved up and down, and hit by a heavy blow on its right side. Fisher told the crew to prepare to abandon the plane. He slowed the aircraft and dropped to about 5,000 feet to make it easier to bail out. But then Fisher regained some control. He climbed slowly to 16,000 feet to put some safety room between the plane and the ground. He informed Wichita....

B787 Approaching Boston cockpit video

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B787 Approaching and Landing at Boston Logan Airport, recorded from cockpit!