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Ultralight fun flying_Power-off stall HD

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At stall break, the nose of the aircraft drops a little. Just release the pressure on the control stick. The aircraft will dive a little. On opening up engine it will start flying again.The height loss is less than 100 feet.

Japan's top ace foresaw his own death HD

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Japan's top ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa had 87 victories when he died in a plane crash on October 26, 1944

BUSINESS CLASS Service on SAS A330 from Hon...

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BUSINESS CLASS Service on SAS A330 from Hong Kong

Plane Spotting ISTANBUL - Amazing Airline V...

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Plane Spotting ISTANBUL - Amazing Airline Variety!

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BaseJumpers Collection!

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This nice video shows people doing incredible things with parachutes!

Me-163 Komet Documentary

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Part of a interesting documentary about Me163 Komet. These are its characteristics: Crew: 1 Length: 5.70 m (18 ft 8 in) Wingspan: 9.33 m (30 ft 7 in) Height: 2.75 m... More» (9 ft 0 in) Wing area: 18.5 m² (200 ft²) Empty weight: 1,905 kg (4,200 lb) Loaded weight: 3,950 kg (8,710 lb) Max takeoff weight: 4,310 kg (9,500 lb) Powerplant: 1× Walter HWK 109-509A-2 liquid-fuel rocket, 17 kN (3,800 lbf) Performance Maximum speed: 960 km/h (596 mph) Duration of flight: 8 minutes) Range: 40 km (25 miles) Service ceiling: 12,100 m (39,700 ft) Rate of climb: 3,666 m/min (11,730 ft/min) Wing loading: 213 kg/m² (43 lb/ft²) Thrust/weight: 0.42 Armament 2× 30 mm Rheinmetall Borsig MK 108 cannons (60 rounds per gun.

A beach instead of a rwy!

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Look at this amazing video, an aircraft taking off from a real beach!! The movie is very short but you must see!

Firepower - Mirage Jets (Part 2/3)

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The elegant delta wing has become the hallmark of French jet fighters. Stop in at air bases around the world to see the finest in French aviation technology in action. The Mirage design and its derivatives such as the Israeli Kfir, has proven to be one of the most successful fighter designs in the world culminating in the Mirage 2000 series. The French have taken their elegant tradition of fighter design into the next century with the Rafale.

Kolb Firestar Flight

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A quick trip around the pattern in a Kolb Firestar on a calm Spring evening.

Instructional Autorotation in a Robinson R22

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Clip from a helicopter instructional video - AUTOROTATION - How to land a helicopter in the event of a power failure. Excellent video, very useful and informative. Talks you through the manoeuvre in detail and shows it from inside and outside the Robinson R22. Very nice!

Puma Crash

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A Puma helicopter turns its rear rotor off to early, resulting in total destruction.

Air Action - "Dwudziesta Pierwsza" -...

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Short story of 21st AFB - home of PolAF Su-22 Fitters.