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3x ALOUETTE III RNLAF Bluebird Luchtmachtdagen...

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15-6-2013; 3x Bluebird A-247 A-292 A-301

Pilot in a flight Simulator COMEDY!

04:01 236591 1

A funny comedy. Visit some commercial Pilots training in a life size Flight simulator with a reporter who ads a lot of humor to the sim lessons making this a comedy!

BAF Agusta A109 flares Heldair Show Maritiem -...

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Belgium Air Force Demoteam with 2 times flares display

B 17 Aluminum Overcast in Lebanon TN 2004 HD

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The B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" visited Lebanon, TN in 2004. I took my 1940's era Bell & Howell Filmo 16mm movie camera and shot this footage from a small hill on the other side of the runway. After the B-17 took off, it banked around to the left and I thought it was going to be gone for awhile. A few minutes later I heard the beautiful sound of those 4 radial engines and realized that they were going to buzz the field. The B-17 flew right over me on this pass. Looking throught the viewfinder, it felt like I could reach out and touch it as it went by. You can tell the excitement level was high as the camera shakes while I was filming the plane fly away. It was easily one of the most exciting shots I've ever captured on film.

The Amazing Concorde

08:57 234015 1

a visit if concorde

Barrington Irving - Legend of Aviation

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Barrington Irving -- Legend of Aviation Directed by Robert Dal Colletto, Editing by Eric Munch and Jori Teran, Produced and Videography by RJ McHatton of Inventive Productions.

Madeira Airport (Funchal) Plane Spotting: Boei...

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Madeira Airport (IATA: FNC, ICAO: LPMA) is one of the most dangerous airports in thw World. We don

Helicopter gound resonance

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Ground resonance is a hazardous condition during touchdown or at other times when the helicopter is running while sitting on the ground. A series of shocks to the landing gear can pass through to the rotor disk and cause an imbalance in the rotor system. Under extreme conditions, the imbalance causes violent oscillations that quickly build and result in catastrophic damage of the entire airframe. While filming an episode for MacGyver this Gazelle helicopter pilot encountered the first symptoms of ground resonance and managed to recover from this potentially dangerous situation by taking off. During takeoff, the helicopters door opened in flight but the footage was kept and was aired in the episode.