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Latest Aviation Videos

A Chandelle_drone view HD

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Aircraft : RANS S-6ES 65 HP; Drone : DJI Phantom 3 Pro

747 Beautiful Boston Takeoff

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Three CH-53E Super Stallions Flying in Form...

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Three of them! Coming from Robins Air Force Base.


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1944 RAF Slingsby T.21B Sedbergh PH-199 - Teuge

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Teuge Airport, Vliegveld Teuge Classic PH-199 glider. The Slingsby T.21 is an open-cockpit, side-by-side two-seat glider, built by Slingsby Sailplanes Ltd and first flown in 1944. It was widely used by the RAF Air Cadets and by civilian gliding clubs, and is still a very popular machine.

boeing 747-400 series, engine power test

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the power of the enginez of a B747. If you see the film you'll notice that they used only 2 engines, imagine with 4 enginez at TO power!?

Funny onboard

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Kids on board, we have space for them!!!!.

ATI Airlines DC-8, Silkway 767 & Flying In...

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This is my attempt to celebrate what was a very good year for me in terms of the sights and sounds of aviation. I've been very lucky to capture some interesting aircraft as a result of the Olympic games arrivals at London Stansted, I've seen 3 liveries on the new Boeing 747-8F, along with many logojets. This video encompasses both my favourite shots and some new ones, and includes as many aircraft and locations as I could. Filmed at London Stansted, Luton, Manchester, Dublin and Copenhagen. I hope you enjoy.

Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster

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Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster ground effect plane.

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Birds on Takeoff

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Swiss Airport Spectacular

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-Last of the Swissair MD-11s -Rare 1960s footage -Last Caravelle at Zurich This Swiss Airport Spectacular takes you to the main airports serving this unique and beautiful mountainous country. Witness the diverse international action from Zurich Kloten and Geneva Cointrin International Airports along with the European traffic of regional Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroPort, an airport that is operated by 2 different countries and has a customs station dividing the airport in half! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at

Boeing 747-200 Dramatic Take Off Bournemouth

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Boeing 747-200 Dramatic Take Off Bournemouth - (Eghh - Boh) Hurn International. It uses alle the RWY available! Nice!