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Planes Fighting the Palmer fire in Riversid...

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It's not often that a Boeing 747 flies right above your neighborhood (well, in this case it was my dad's.) Global SuperTanker 944, a converted Boeing 747-400, was used for the first time in fighting this wildfire, and DC-10 tanker 911 as well as some small planes gave some assistance. Also, I feel that I should note that these are just a few more quick phone videos, as I didn't have my camcorder handy at that time.

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Flying SKY Arrow ( ultralight plane)

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decollo ed atterraggio a bordo di un ultraleggero dalla incredibile visibilità. Alcune immagini della vita del Club arrow ultraleggero decollo landing take-off plane

American Fighter Pilot: Eagle Driver

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Trailer for a TV reality-show canceled after 2 weeks about F-15 Eagle Training, nice footage!

Su-37 extreme manuevrability demo

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The su-37 is a super-manouvrable thrust vectoring russian fighter derived from an Su-35 prototype. This demo shows the pilot literally throwing 20 tons of military metal in the sky. Two Lyulka AL-37FU vectored-thrust afterburning turbofans (30,855 lb thrust each) give this aircraft it's extreme flight caracteristics that are above the flight envelope of almost any fighters curently in service in the world. The AL-37FU engines are configured for thrust vector control, with the axisymmetric steerable thrust vector control nozzle is fixed on a circular turning unit. The steel nozzle in the experimental engines is replaced in production engines by titanium units to reduce the weight of the nozzle. The nozzle only moves in the pitch axis, and the nozzles on the two engines can deflect together or differentially to achieve the desired thrust vector for a particular maneuver. The Su-37 has ....

Ilyushin Il-86 Dramatic Take Off Tivat Montenegro

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Ilyushin Il-86 Dramatic Take Off Tivat Montenegro, listen to the jet noise!

Swiss Air Force PC-7 Team

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I made this video with avidemux . it's just an amateur work. I hope you will like it.

747 Retirement Flight Landing on Narrow Runway

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Watch as this pilot shows consummate skill planting the big Boeing onto a very narrow, very short runway, for display in an aviation museum.

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EVA AIR A321 Takeoff From RCKH/KHH

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EVA AIR A321-200 Takeoff From RCKH/KHH to Shanghai at 2016/11/11

10x EUROFIGHTER Typhoon Full Speed TAKE OFF

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Leeuwarden Airbase German Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon Take Off

Chinook Training Flight

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Look at this training flight on the Chinook!

The airline of your dreams!

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Check out this airline, the sexiest hostess are here!!! :-P