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Airbus UNABLE TO LAND due to Strong Crosswind

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Airbus UNABLE TO LAND due to Strong Crosswind

Outclassed, outgunned and outnumbered ! HD

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WWII Thai fighter pilots made do with what they had in the defense of their homeland. Music : Lampang Girl / Tanis SriKlinDee flute

Australian Air Force Globemaster C17 low pa... HD

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Australian Air Force Globemaster C17 VERY COOL low pass Brisbane

Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

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Thrill of Landing a BOEING 787 over Maho Beach

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A400 Essais Moteurs

03:23 252642 1 (not yet rated)

Les quatre moteurs de lAirbus A400M ont tourné pour la première fois, une première étape vers un premier vol.

Landing at Chagual Airport HD

05:16 151350 2

One of the most difficoult approach in the world, Chagual airport located in Peru. Goggle Map Link:,12.392578&sspn=12.757535,28.54248&vpsrc=6&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Chagual,+Peru&ll=-7.797951,-77.650874&spn=0.016476,0.027874&z=16

Crazy man in X-Ray machine

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Clearly not happy with setting off the metal detector at the security control, this guy pops himself right inside the X-ray machine! Nobody of the security personnel stopped him...

Around the world in a 20-HP airplane

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In 1928, a young German aristocrat with a determination to win a national award, set out an air journey in a 20-HP airplane. He won the award, and enjoyed sight-seeings into the bargain.

Redlands Municipal Airport Compilation 2.0

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It only took two years, but the sequel to my original Redlands Municipal Airport Compilation is finally out. I originally wanted to upload this a while ago, but I couldn't while file uploading was disabled. Then, I realized that the HD video file was too large (566 MB) so I did have to make some compromises. However, it all worked out; it was exactly 2 years ago today that I uploaded the first video.

Afterburner passes F16 Demoteam EHLW 28-3-2013

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low and loud afterburner passes RNLAF F16 Demoteam


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Gazelle Helicopter vs Porsche 911 GT3

02:56 265955 3

This is a really amazing race not the same already seen.. The Gazelle is one of the fastest helicopters in the world so what's going to cross the line first? On board cockpit and car views!