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A website showcasing airshow coverage & aviation related videos. From World War II warbirds to modern jet fighters, we cover it all.

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AIRSHOWVID's Latest Videos

F-86 Sabre & MIG-15

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Each month the Planes of Fame Air Museum holds a Living History event highlighting the history on one of the museum's aircraft. The February 2013 event focused on the North American F-86 Sabre and the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15. This video shows the highlights from the event and includes flight footage of the F-86 Sabre and MiG-15. Special thanks to the Planes of Fame Air Museum for camera access to their aircraft during the flight. Aircraft pilots are Steve Hinton and Chris Fahey. Enjoy!

Sean D. Tucker Air to Air Video Media...

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Our first air to air video was released quickly and just shows everything as it happened with very little editing. This version is a fully edited version with special effects and music added. You can see how a music sound track really makes a greater impression on the mind. That's why all movies have sound tracks. It is how the mind works and movie makers use music to great effect. Enjoy!

"Made In The Shade" B-25...

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In-flight video from this past summer's tour of "Made In The Shade" owned by the Arizona Wing of the CAF. This B-25 is one of the newest restored B-25's flying in the United States. Go Pro footage provided by Pat McGarry.

ean D.Tucker's Performance 2012...

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Sean D.Tucker's Performance at the 2012 Jacqueline Cochran Air Show. Sean was kind enough to allow us to place a camera on his Oracle Challenger III. The video is AWESOME! Enjoy!


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On June 22, 1954 an aviation legend was born when the first prototype of this aircraft flew in the skies above Edwards Air Force Base in CA. Designed by legendary aircraft designer Ed Heinemann this aircraft is still being used by air forces in the world today some 60 years after it was first designed. Skyhawk builder Mike McDougall and Owner/Pilot Don Keating allow our cameras an insiders view of the world's only individually owned and operated TA-4 Skyhawk. They share with us their story on how they made the impossible possible and in the process added another page in aviation's history book. This short documentary has never before seen cockpit footage of Skyhawk 518 flying during the 2011 Planes of Fame Air Show and full length interviews with both the builder and current owner. If you are a fan of the famous A-4 Skyhawks this is a must see video. Enjoy! AIRSHOWVID.COM

2011 MCAS Miramar Air Show- Blue Angels

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This video was shot over the three days of the air show from different camera positions. All video was shot with a Canon AX-10 HDV using a Tiffen haze fliter. Music by Audio Network PLC.

Warbirds Over Apple Valley

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This video was produced during the 2011 Apple Valley Air Show held at the Apple Valley Airport. The warbirds you see in this video are from the Planes of Fame Air Museum located at the Chino Airport in Chino, CA. We were able to get our video cameras inside some of the World War II aircraft during their airshow performances. The Apple Valley Air Show is a small but highly entertaining airshow. The air show action is right in front for everyone to see and the pilots are highly accessible. Do not miss the B-25 nose cam video, its a must see! Enjoy! AIRSHOWVID.COM

Battleship USS Iowa Fly Over Flight

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On July 7th, 2012 the Battleship USS Iowa started its new life as a floating museum. During the opening day ceremonies, the Planes of Fame Air Museum flew a three ship formation over the Iowa. We were allowed to have our GoPro cameras on the aircraft to record this beautiful flight to and from the Iowa. Special thanks to the Planes of Fame Air Museum located in Chino, CA. for the access. Pilots flying the aircraft are: B-25, John Maloney & David Vopat P-51 Mustang, Tom Nightingale P-40 Warhawk, Robbie Patterson Enjoy!

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