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Crazy Bush Pilot Takeoff

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Super Crazy Bush Pilot Takeoff!!

Meridiana MD80 last flight - Welcome... HD

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Meridiana on March 1, 2018 officially became the new version of Air Italy. The old Air Italy was also officially disbanded as an airline entity. It had been leasing aircraft to Meridiana under the Meridiana brand. The start of the new AIR ITALY has coincided with the exit from the fleet of I-SMER, the last of the 18 MD-80 aircraft of the same series, that over 30 years have been protagonists of the history of Alisarda / Meridiana and through out the journeys of its loyal passengers. Airport and staff employees have saluted the take-off from the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

Towing blooper: forgot parking brake on?

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Towing blooper: forgot parking brake on?

MD-80 Fire Fighting In Alaska HD

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MD-80 Fire Fighting In Alaska

Bush Pilot COOL and CRAZY takeoff!

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Bush Pilot COOL and CRAZY takeoff!


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Watch closely at second 19 what these planes do is amazing... ;-)

Alan Eustace secretly break... HD

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Alan Eustace, Google vice President, secretly break Baumgartner's parachute record!

Amazing Water Wings in Nevada HD

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Bush Pilots Amazing Water Wings in Nevada.

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