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Germania Boeing 737 ground collision El Al...

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Wednesday 28 March 2018: A Germania Boeing 737-700 (D-ABLB) was involved in a ground collision accident with an El Al Boeing 767-300ER (4X-EAK) at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel. Germania flight ST4915 was being pushed back from the gate when the tail fin impacted the right hand horizontal stabilizer of El Al flight LY385. Both flights were cancelled.

Loganair takeoff on water from Barra beach

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Loganair flight takeoff from Barra Airport in the Outer Hebrides (Scotland). Voted the most stunning landing and takeoff spot in the world - It is the only airport where scheduled commercial flights land on a beach and flights must therefore be timed to coincide with low tide.

Lightning hit Delta B737 during taxi at Ha...

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Lightning hit Delta B737 during taxi, all the planes where on hold due to a tunderstorm overhead the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Pitts Crazy Edge Low Pass with Lamborghini

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Pitts Crazy Edge Low Pass with Lamborghini

THY A320 Emergency Landing and Evacuation ...

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Apr 25th 2015: A THY Turkish Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration TC-JPE performing flight TK-1878 from Milan Malpensa (Italy) to Istanbul (Turkey) with 97 passengers, landed on Istanbul Ataturk Airport's runway 05 at 10:22L (07:22Z) but rolled right just before touchdown causing the right engine and wing to contact the runway and a hard touch down. The crew initiated a go-around, then declared emergency due to an engine (V2527) inoperative. The crew subsequently reported an unsafe gear indication. The aircraft positioned for an emergency landing on runway 35L, touched down about 20 minutes after the go around, but with the right main gear collapsed the aircraft skidded on its right engine, with sparks and smoke trailing the engine, and veered right off the runway spinning nearly 180 degrees. The aircraft was evacuated via slides while emergency services started to spray the aircraft. There were no injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage to right hand engine and its pylon as well as to leading and trailing edge high lift devices at the right hand wing.

Living in the Age of Airplanes Trailer

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Living in the Age of Airplanes Trailer by National Geographic.

Scenic GoPro Landing at Isafjordur Iceland

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Scenic GoPro Landing at Isafjordur Iceland.

Head-Up Display First-Person View on a B737

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Head-Up Display First-Person View on a B737

Aerion AS2 New Supersonic Business Jet

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Aerion Corporation has upped the cabin size and added an extra engine to the first in its planned range of supersonic business jets currently on the drawing board. Designed with Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow (SNLF) wing technology that was tested in transonic wind tunnel tests and in NASA flight trials, the Aerion AS2 will now use a set of three smaller jet engines in place of its previous large two-jet design to provide quieter running, improved take-off performance, and longer range. With its new three engine configuration, the AS2 is able to take greater advantage of the unique Aerion "unswept" SNLF (Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow) wing design. This sees the wing feature upper and lower surfaces that are slightly curved, ensuring a smooth flow of air across them that continues to travel in relatively undisturbed layers. Aerion claims this results in a 90 percent reduction in drag over more conventional swept or delta wing designs and helps reduce total airframe drag by as much as 20 percent. As a result, it is expected that the AS2 will not only be fast, but super-efficient as well. Capable of a maximum speed of Mach 1.6, the AS2 has been designed to travel at two optimal cruising speeds where range and efficiency are at their best: Mach 0.95 where supersonic flight is prohibited, and at Mach 1.4 where the SNLF wing characteristics will be at their most efficient. Dimension-wise, the fuselage is 160 ft (48 m) long and maximum take-off weight is expected to be around 115,000 lb (52,000 kg). With these figures, the minimum projected range is predicted to be approximately 4,750 nautical miles (8,800 km), though the company is hoping to achieve an ultimate range of around 5,000 nm (9,260 km). With a 30-ft (9.1-m) cabin in a two-lounge configuration, cabin dimensions widen from entryway to the rear seating area where height is about 6.2 ft (1.9 m) and cabin width around 7.2 ft (2.2 m). When fully fueled, it is expected that the AS2 will require a take-off length of roughly 7,500 ft (2,286 m), though this is expected to drop to only 5,000-6,000 ft (1,500-1,800 m) at take-off weights below 100,000 lb (45,000 kg), while still maintaining trans-Atlantic and transcontinental US capability. This should allow the aircraft to operate from medium-sized aviation hubs as and when necessary. According to the company, the new AS2 configuration draws on worldwide operator input from a market study conducted by Aerion in the first quarter of 2014 to assess demand for a supersonic business jet. "The message from many of today's long-range business jet operators is very clear," says Aerion CEO Doug Nichols. "They want a supersonic jet sooner rather than later; a cabin comparable in comfort to today's long-range jets; a range of 5,000 nm or better; and they are willing to pay more than US$100 million for such an aircraft. That is the supersonic jet we are working to deliver." Whilst the AS2 is still in the design stage, Aerion does have plans to form an industrial collaboration with aerospace firms capable of supplying engines and airframe structures before the end of 2014. The release date for entry into service, provided certification is achieved, is 2021. Given that there are also a number of other supersonic business jet concepts on drawing boards around the globe -- such as the Spike S-512 and the Hypermach SonicStar -- which are also aiming at a takeoff date somewhere in the same time-frame as Aerion's offering, the period up to 2021 promises to be a very interesting time for aviation watchers. And, if all comes to fruition, it's also an exciting time for those of us who look forward to the ushering in of a new age of supersonic travel.

Aero Glass Aviation Future

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Aero Glass Aviation Future

Greenland from air in July 2014

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Greenland from air in July 2014