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Aerobatic Show inside a stadium/racetrack

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I'm not sure where this was filmed, but I've had the video since 2005. PĂ©ter Besenyei and Svetlana Kapanina are two of the pilots I recognize in the video. Long before the RedBull Airaces and GoPro cameras were around. Impressive flying.

Water Bomber at Trans - Labrador Highway...

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Trans-Labrador (Canada) Highway Accident between a Grader & Transport Truck. A fire started and was soon engulfing the entire cab, lucky the driver did get out & survived. Props to Milestone Media on YouTube!

Russian helicopter highway flying HD

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Check out the crazy Russians. I guess they don't have to conform to any of the FAR's. Wonder if you could get special dispensation from FSDO for a maintenance flight like this. Must be practicing "nap of the earth" flying.

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