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Blue Angel Solo Pilot Cockpit...

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1996 Seattle Airshow-Lead solo rendezvous on the Diamond Formation and then performing the 5 plane Line Abreast Loop. Awesome clip as you see the formation loop and then fly through their own smoke on the backside. No wind, crystal clear day in Seattle.

Blue Angel Solo Cockpit Video-Takeoff...

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This is a clip of the team taking off at Boeing Field in downtown Seattle for the 1996 Airshow. The Delta formation and Solos take off simultaneously (6 plane takeoff) and the solos split on takeoff to fly out of the jet wash caused by the diamond takeoff just ahead. Solos run them down, join and the show begins....

Strapping on the Jet

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About to fly the Naval Academy Graduation Flyover and am strapping on the Jet. No audio on this one, you get to see how cinched down the pilots are in their ejection seats. They don't move more than a centimeter.

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