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Sully - Official Trailer HD

02:03 53045 1 Not yet rated

Trailer of the movie based on a true story. Cpt. Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) after dual engine loss managed to ditch in the Hudson River. All passengers and crew members survived. Movie Director: Clint Eastwood.

Push back direct onto the runway at... HD

04:58 176030 0

A330 Push back direct onto the runway at Maldives Male Airport.

CATIII B NO DH Landing in Zurich Kloten...

00:38 182308 0

CATIII B NO DH Landing in Zurich Kloten Airport (LSZH)

Pushing Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the limit HD

02:54 195011 0

Watch as the B787 Dreamliner drags its tail on the ground, fights fierce winds, and lands on a wet contaminated runway, as Chief Test Pilot Mike Carriker shares the view from the cockpit.

Airbus A330 Almost Hovering

01:32 198810 0

Incredible video of an Airbus A330 almost hovering facing quite strong headwind. This video was recorded at Farnborough 1994.

Landing at JFK from Cockpit B747

03:14 251491 0

Nice Landing at New York JFK from Cockpit B747!

C-2 Greyhound Emergency Landing

02:40 266788 0

Watch this C-2 Cod emergency landing and evacuation. Good piloting.

Aviation and Weather Part 1

09:53 256492 1

Nice documentary about Aviation and problems related to weather.

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