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  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Interests & Hobbies: Aviation ;)
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Flying Really Close to the Emirates A380!

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Flying Really Close to the Emirates A380

Damn CRAZY low pass!

00:27 85143 1

Damn CRAZY low pass!

Dream Igdir Airport - Turkish Airline... HD

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Dream Igdir Airport, amazing Turkish Airline Advertising.

St. Elmo's Fire during Aerial Refuelling

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St. Elmo's Fire during Aerial Refuelling

Approach and Go Around during Heavy Sand...

01:02 129118 1

This airplane took off from Ryad direct to Rafha city, Saudi Arabia. You can see through the window the terrible sand storm covering the city. The pilot just for few seconds tried the approach, a immediate go around would be a wise decision! ;-)

Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team 2012 HD

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Turkish Air Force Aerobatic Team 2012. Türk Yıldızları 20 Yıl Tanıtım Filmi 2012.

Deltaplane SCARY White Out and Deployment

05:42 145366 2

Here is the original description by the author "extopaflyer": I was going to write about my thought process leading up to this incident, but I decided that it would be just an exercise in excuse making for my bad decisions, including my disregard of FAA rules regarding ultralight aircraft and clouds. The bottom line is that I wanted have my cake and eat it too: I thought I could scoot under that cloud line and purposely cut it close in order to maximize my altitude for the long glide out into the desert. Once in the cloud the instinct was to fly fast and straight to get to the other side. However, afraid of PIO I popped the VG and tried to slow down. But the video doesn't capture the surge of lift I was experiencing. At one point the base tube was almost ripped from my hand. Soon after that I no longer had control of the glider and the G forces seemed to be building so I thought the safest course of action would be to throw the chute. Fortunately, it worked out.

Air Malta - Turn Off Your Phones HD

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Air Malta, Turn Off Your Phones video Gangnam Style.

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