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Beech 1900 West Africa

04:31 173337 0

A couple of clips from the crew in Guinea, West Africa.

Cessna C208 Namibia

07:33 158551 0

Scenery of Namibia, flying for a local charter operator.

Cessna C310R

07:29 166081 0 Not yet rated

Scenic charter flight along the west coast of Namibia, with a landing on a remote gravel runway. Music: Jack Johnson, Aerosmith

Beechcraft 1900 C Engine Failure

00:52 171032 0

Right Hand Engine failure before V1, on a dirt strip in West Africa. 11PAX onboard. The engine lost power a little while after the visible black smoke and the takeoff was aborted. The F/O was the pilot flying and brought the aircraft to a stop.

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