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Southwest Airline Pilot Take off Top Gun S...

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Southwest Airline Pilot Take off Top Gun Style

Turkish F-16 Pilot Duck Under Landing

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Turkish F-16 Pilot Duck Under Landing

Bucket Air Show 2015 Where FAA Rules Don...

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Bucket Air Show 2015 at Saint Barth Airport Where FAA Rules Don’t Apply! ;-)

Flying Over a Magnificent World

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Flying Over a Magnificent World Owner : João Pedro (http://www.youtube.com/user/stradivarium123)

Absolutely GREAT Cockpit Video

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Absolutely GREAT Airbus A320 Cockpit Video, MUST SEE! Originally uploaded and author: rodrigodavi

Building Jet Engines by GE Aviation

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The Fascinating World Of Building Jet Engines by GE Aviation.

Nose Gear Collapse on Training Flight

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Funny video of a training flight ending with a nose gear collapse!

The Best Aerobatic Team Ever

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This is my present for the Thanksgiving day, the unbelievable flight of the starlings. Nature is really amazing and man should learn everything and respect her. Rights of the video goes to Sophie Windsor Clive.

Iran Air B727 crash landing

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Tehran, Oct 18th 2011. This Iran Air Boeing 727 had a crash landing due to nose gear stucked in upright position. The airliner was on duty from Moscow to Tehran and the flight crew manage a perfect belly landing with minimum damage with great skills of flight.

Fokker F27 near miss with Piper Navajo

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1971, Ansett Airlines Fokker F27 very near miss collision with a Piper Navajo during a air to air photo session. The author of this videois not known.

Light Plane Crashes into Ferris Wheel

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A light aircraft, Cheetah S200, has crashed into a ferris wheel at a funfair in a town some 150m north-east of Sydney in Australia. It is thought the pilot misjudged his take-off, causing the crash into the wheel at the Old Bar Festival. Two children were trapped in a carriage at the top of the wheel near the wrecked plane for 90 minutes. The 53-year-old pilot and his 32-year-old passenger were trapped inside the mangled aircraft more than 30 feet (10 meters) above the ground for almost three hours. Nobody was seriously injured.

Boeing 747 nice crosswind landing

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British Airways Boeing 747 nice crosswind landing!