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Hey guys, sorry to keep you waiting. I know that it's been a long time since I have updated my profile. Well, I've finally returned things back to the way they were before my PC was infected by a virus, and thankfully most of my aviation clips remained intact (including a few that I actually never uploaded.) Expect new videos soon.

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  • Interests & Hobbies: Aviation, of course!
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Redlands Municipal Airport Compilation 2.0

14:17 22555 0 Not yet rated

It only took two years, but the sequel to my original Redlands Municipal Airport Compilation is finally out. I originally wanted to upload this a while ago, but I couldn't while file uploading was disabled. Then, I realized that the HD video file was too large (566 MB) so I did have to make some compromises. However, it all worked out; it was exactly 2 years ago today that I uploaded the first video.

Planes Fighting the Palmer fire in...

03:39 35849 0 Not yet rated

It's not often that a Boeing 747 flies right above your neighborhood (well, in this case it was my dad's.) Global SuperTanker 944, a converted Boeing 747-400, was used for the first time in fighting this wildfire, and DC-10 tanker 911 as well as some small planes gave some assistance. Also, I feel that I should note that these are just a few more quick phone videos, as I didn't have my camcorder handy at that time.

Hangar 24 AirFest 2017 - 13 Minutes of...

13:56 38409 0 Not yet rated

Finally got a new camcorder! (OK, I actually got it at Christmas but didn't have much use for it until now.) I couldn't get into the gates this time (It was too hot anyway, and expensive), so therefore no announcer. But we do have something even more beautiful in my opinion: the sound of those airplane engines roaring. I did my best without a tripod and the limited zoom; some videos are better than others. Not to mention my battery got very low towards the end (I had to use my mom's phone to record the F/A-18 demo, and the battery on her phone was also, ironically, low.) If you want, you can skip to see a certain part: 0:00-4:26: John Melby and the Pitts S-1-11B... 4:27-5:35: Sammy Mason and the Pitts Special... 5:36-9:37: Warbirds (Corsair, P-51, etc.)... 9:38-13:07: Patriots Jet Team... 13:08-13:56: US Navy F/A-18 Demo

A Few More Redlands Municipal Airport...

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I actually didn't even know that I had these until I came across them in a folder that wasn't encrypted by a virus. So, with a little editing, they're now semi-watchable.

BAe 146 Landing at San Bernardino Intl.... HD

00:55 56154 0 Not yet rated

I've finally figured out how to zoom in and out on my piece of sh-t camera, so I was actually able to record the touchdown this time. Not much to say here, really, so enjoy the video.

More Low Landings at San Bernardino...

01:31 57686 0 Not yet rated

I apologize for not uploading anything in a while, but I'm finally back with a new video. It's nothing special, really. It's just a video of two low landings at San Bernardino Intl. Airport.

DC-10 Air Tanker Up-close at San... HD

00:32 72909 0

A little video I took while plane spotting at San Bernardino Airport!

*LOW DC-10 LANDING!* Another San...

01:35 82350 0 Not yet rated

Three new videos that I took at San Bernardino International Airport. Another video of the Erickson MD-87 taking off, a business jet, and of course, the DC-10! I hope you enjoy.

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