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Dancing Girls under a Landing B747! ;-)

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Sexy Dancing Girls under a B747 landing! LOL!

How To Decorate an Airliner for Christmas!

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How To Decorate an Airliner for Christmas! This was filmed at Riga Airport (EVRA)

Funny Crazy Airline Pilots!

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Funny Crazy Captain and First Officer! LOL!

Extreme Proposal in the Cockpit

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Watch this Extreme Marriage Proposal in the Cockpit Flying over Chicago.

BD-5J Microjet - 007 James Bond

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Taken from 007 movie, the aerobatic flight of the BD-5J Microjet.

Virgin Atlantic cabin crew are the hottest

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A recent survey reveals that Virgin Atlantic cabin crew have been voted the hottest in the world! So, Virgin Atlantic has the most attractive flight attendants, a nice way to fly!

Ryanair 2012 Charity Calendar Behind The S...

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New Ryanair 2012 Charity Calendar Behind The Scenes

SkyCats CatWalk

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Super Cats Wing Walkers interview video, nice and beautiful girls! Sorry this vid was recorded in china but the interview is in English.

Breitling Wingwalkers Official Videoclip 2011

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Breitling Wingwalkers Official Videoclip for year 2011

Cessna 404 Emergency Landing From Cockpit

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I found this incredible video and I like to share with you. All was filmed from the airplane, here's the original description: This video was shot on Dec 14th after a hydraulic line failure in our 404 Titan forced us to make an emergency landing with the gear up. The emergency blow down bottle had a valve malfunction as well so there was no option available from that point on other than to find a place to sit it down. At the end of the slide down the runway there was a small fire on-board which I extinguished before exiting the aircraft with my crew member closely on my six . I’d like to send my thanks out to my crew member, the engineers in Wichita and to the ground crew mechanics at Mountain Home Airport in Arkansas for their assistance in relaying the communications with the engineers at Cessna, and for their mechanical knowledge that they shared with us during this unusual situation we found ourselves in.

Cebu Pacific Airlines Demo Pop Flight Atte...

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Only in the Philippines dancing Air Hostess "Cebu Pacific Airlines dancing flight attendants". Dancing and entertaining the passengers while demonstrating the flight safety demo. Sexy!

Cabin Crew - Star To Fall

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Cabin Crew - Star To Fall