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Dash 8 Extreme Crosswind Landing

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Dash 8 Extreme Crosswind Landing

Virgin America Safety Dance Video

04:59 123810 1

Virgin America Safety Dance Video

Police Helicopter Cool Fancy Flying

03:50 128636 1

Police Helicopter Cool Fancy Flying

ATR Grazie 1000

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ATR Grazie 1000, year 2012 promo.

DC-6 Landing on Unprepared Runway

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DC-6 Landing on Unprepared Private Strip North of Pretoria, South Africa.

Amazing Air Stunt Video

03:45 199825 2

Few words, Amazing Air Stunt Video! SHARE IT!

Impressing Wingsuite Flying by Jeb Corliss

03:28 201897 2

I've found this video, original name is Grinding The Crack and it's really REALLY amazing! The flying man is Jeb Corliss, here his original description and credits: Multiple camera angle flying the crack. I already know the exit was horrible but the flight made up for it :) cameras by base gear by wing-suits by clothing by helmets by you can fallow my latest news at

Breitling Wingwalkers Official Videoclip 2011

03:22 214646 0

Breitling Wingwalkers Official Videoclip for year 2011

Extreme Powered Paragliding

01:56 214161 0

Extreme Powered Paragliding in Korea. Crazy!

From Frisco to Paris in Two Minutes

02:03 214292 1

Really AMAZING and original video, copyright goes to Nbolt. Here is his description: I shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse. More of these wacky time lapses at Shot with a 5d2, a time-lapse controller, and a 16mm - 35mm, mixed with some iPhone shots. The flight path from SF to Paris goes well over greenland and the arctic circle, where you can see "northern" lights from all sides of the plane, which explains why I could shoot them facing South. The photos during take-off and landing are all computer models and totally rendered because I would never use an electronic device during times when the FAA prohibits them. I did get lucky and have a whole row to myself to setup the tripod and gear. Thanks to my neighbors for not minding an SLR click every 2 to 30 seconds for 11 hours, and thanks to the whole Air France flight crew for being insanely friendly and allowing me to shoot. Thanks to @ztaylor for showing me the Korg iMS20 iPad App. Thanks to @jayzombie and the #nerdbird on the way to SXSW this year for helping me come up with the idea. Thanks to @somnabulent for the idea of live scoring. Thanks to you for actually reading this far. You are a champion.

B-17 Don't Mess With Texas

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B-17 Don't Mess With Texas!

Boeing 777-300ER cockpit take off

02:24 259844 0

Real life Boeing 777-300ER cockpit take off.