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Landing in Reggio Calabria

02:29 253281 5

A very nice ILS approach and landing in Reggio Calabria (South Italy) on board Alitalia MD-80. Copyright by Augusto Laghi.

Landing in Las Vegas

01:07 252312 2

During my trip in Las Vegas last year I took the opportunity to rent a Cessna 182 and fly around; there was a very strong wind that day but was a very nice flight indeed ...

Aquile Randagie Air Show 2006

05:19 261571 0

A small taste of that wonderfull day, 24th of September 2006. We organize the Air Show for the 20 years of our flying club Aquile Randagie.

Low pass with Kolb Ultralight

06:49 263593 1

Some low passes with my Kolb Firestar ultralight. Aquile Randagie airfield near Verona (Italy), october 9 2008.

Robinson R22 display

01:03 247825 0

During our Open Day 2006 at Aquile Randagie airfield near Verona Italy the Robinson R22 perform a nice show.

Landing in Brindisi

03:12 257776 0

Landing in Brindisi from the cockpit of the Alitalia MD-80. Video (c) Augusto Laghi at

RedBull Air Race Budapest 2004

04:13 256231 0 Not yet rated

A very nice RedBull Air Race video presentation at Budapest Hungary 2004 on board the Xtra300

Patrouille de France

02:11 255477 0 Not yet rated

Nice on board video I found of the France Aerobatic Team.

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