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Cessna 185 Muddy Jungle Airstrip Operations HD

05:10 106567 0

Cessna 185 Muddy Jungle Airstrip Operations

Kyle and Skip Aerobatics

03:07 114708 0

Kyle and Skip Aerobatics

Lockheed P-2V fire bomber belly landing

03:11 126935 0

A Lockheed P-2V fire bomber air tanker made a successful emergency belly landing at the Miden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada due to one main gear stucked in upright position.

Barely Air n.1

03:35 122082 0

A new comedy airline series, this is episode 1.

GoPro falls from Plane! LOL!

01:09 139543 2

GoPro falls from Plane, watch till the end! :-D

First Solo Crash

02:21 125876 1

News say the engine was working 100%. It seems that the crash was due to the pilot not having his hand on the throttle lever for takeoff and the pilot's inability to keep proper climb attitude. :-| No injuries.

Tiger Moth biplane waterskiing HD

02:45 135963 0

Tiger Moth biplane waterskiing on lake.

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