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B737 almost crash during crosswind...

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B737 almost crash during crosswind landing at Prague airport. Plane landed safely on second attempt.

Flight of the Future

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Flight of the Future, interesting documentary about the future technology of flight.

C-17 Countermeasure Flares. Wild... HD

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C-17 Countermeasure Flares. Wild Northern Lights Show!

Cameron Airshow 2014 Resume HD

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Cameron Airshow 2014, waiting for 1015!!

70th anniversary of D-Day

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My way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Band of Brothers, GREAT! For the men and women who served and worked to make everything we did from that day onward payoff.

WWII Carrier Battle Group

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WWII Carrier Battle Group

HD Ride in a U2 Spy Plane with GoPro HD

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HD Ride in a U2 Spy Plane with GoPro

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