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Aer Lingus Airbus A330 HD

00:18 162545 1

Aer Lingus takes off from Logan International Airport Boston, Massachusetts USA.

Air Tran 717 Orlando Magic HD

00:38 176597 0 Not yet rated

Air Trans logo jet featuring the NBA's Orlando Magic basketball team.

Piaggio P-180 Avanti

00:34 182521 0

The unorthodox Avanti remains unique for a corporate aircraft in that it features three flying surfaces - the canard foreplane, wing and tail. This arrangement not only offers the benefits of the canard, but meant the wing could be positioned in the rear of the fuselage, so that it didn't intrude on available interior cabin space. The pusher engine configuration was chosen to reduce cabin noise.

USAir A319 Steelers

02:16 183206 0 Not yet rated

USAirways Airbus A319 - N733UW - Logo jet for the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

AirTran 717 Colts

01:03 181502 0 Not yet rated

With a dark blue fuselage and other markings this Boeing 717 celebrates the NFL's Indianapolis Colts.

AA 767 Nose View

00:30 180718 0 Not yet rated

American Boeing 767 arrives at the gate.

Aer Lingus "St. Patrick"

00:47 201157 0 Not yet rated

Aer Lingus A330-300 arrives at Logan Airport Boston, USA

Jet Blue 10th Anniversary

02:14 183885 0

Jet Blue's "Blues Brothers" Airbus A320 decked out on it's tail section with the number 10 to celebrate a milestone Anniversary.

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