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Air Jamaica A310 damaged by turbulence

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Air Jamaica A310 tail damaged by turbulence.

Air China 981 at JFK

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Air China 981 taxing to the ramp at JFK.. Quite a mess with english!

China Airlines 737 overruns runway during ...

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China Airlines 737-800 overshoots runway during takeoff in Japan. Pay attention on the zoomed part of the clip! ;)

A320 takeoff from cockpit

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A320 takeoff from cockpit

A340 brakes test

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Atest performed by Airbus Industries to test brakes at their max psi power

Meridiana vs Alitalia

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Per chi se lo fosse perso, beccatevi questa zuffa in frequenza tra Meridiana e Alitalia. On Frequency discussion between Meridiana and Alitalia for departure sequence at the end moderated by ATC, really funny!

Hijacker demanded to go to Australia 02/07/08

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A WOMAN in New Zealand has been charged with hijacking after she stabbed two pilots and threatened to blow up a small plane unless she was flown to Australia, police said. The 19-seat Jetstream J32 aircraft, operated by Air National for Air New Zealand, was flying from the southern provincial town of Blenheim to Christchurch when the mid-air drama unfolded, prompting the pilots to issue a mayday call. Christchurch police commander Superintendent Dave Cliff said the 33-year-old woman, a Blenheim resident originally from Somalia who was not immediately identified, claimed there were bombs aboard the aircraft.

Parasailing, girl takeoff on the beach

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Fast takeoff of the girl on the beach

Not so TopGun!

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Inflight refuelling problems for this pilot. The comments are from the cockpit of the tanker and are in Italian language.

Fly Icaro Airlines! ;)

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An Ecuadorean airline , ICARO , is putting on 10 minute lingerie shows on one of its short internal flights.

Maybe this Pilot is on late?

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You must see this crazy takeoff of a Eurowings A319!

Canadian CT-155 Hawk Crashes Birdstrike an...

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A Canadian/BAE CT-155 Hawk crashes shortly after taking off and sucking a bird into its engines. Video taken inside cockpit! Very nice!