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F-18 HORNET RELOADED. Dedicated to the Men and Women of the United States Navy. Music performed by Collective Soul.

Air rescue at A Shau Valley, Vietnam War

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An American pilot landed his Skyraider attack aircraft to rescue his downed squadron mate.

Stunning Helicopter GoPro Views in Faroe Isl.

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JustPlanes Cockpit Film of Atlantic Airways includes a fantastic ride around the Faroe Islands with a dozen landings! For the full 4h30min film including the Airbus A319

Low-level precision bombing by RAF Mosquit...

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The bombing of Amiens Prison in France to assist the escape of the prisoners condemned to death, April 18, 1944

Flying rescue over the Berlin Wall, 1989

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Two German brothers flew their ultralights to rescue their middle sibling from East Berlin.

Lazy Eight_Drone view

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Aircraft : RANS S-6ES Drone : DJI Phantom 3 Entry speed : 85 mph Minimum speed : 60 mph

Thunderjet carried home on cushions of air

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Two Thunderjets gently carried their unconscious comrade down to breathable air.

Rans Coyote S6

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Nice Flight

Air rescue at A Shau Valley, South Vietnam

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Maj Bernard Fisher landed his Skyraider to rescue his squadron mate.

C-130 Hercules TACTICAL Demo Sanicole 2016

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Sanicole Airshow 2016 BAF C-130 Hercules TACTICAL Demo