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F-104 Starfighter Takeoff from Grosseto AFB

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Nice vintage video, F-104 Starfighter Takeoff from Grosseto AFB.

Mystere IV A vs F-104 A Starfighter

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An aerial duel between Indian Mystere and Pakistani Starfighter, 1965

Sun 'n Fun deviation with Towers!

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Follow as the conditions were getting bad, Lakeland Linder Sun 'n Fun was going IFR and we decided to deviate to South Lakeland Grass Strip. Glad we did but it sure did make the stress level go up!

Sun 'n Fun Chaos with VFR Procedure

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Watch as we attempt to fly into the 2015 Sun N Fun at Lakeland Florida. We were held up with IFR weather causing a backup of aircraft as we approached the VFR Approach Procedure area. Got alot sticky!

F15 Eagle vs Eurofighter Typhoon - FRISIAN...

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GAF (German Air Force) Eurofighter Typhoon vs F-15 Eagle during Frisian Flag 2015 Leuwarden Airbase Netherlands

Awesome 71 year old B-25J Mitchell KLuHV T...

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Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht B25 Michell Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight B-25 Michell PH-XXV / 232511/N5-149 (cn 108-32782) Built: 1944 2x 2 x Wright R-2600 Cyclone engines

Stealth Fighters YF23, YF22 - What makes t...

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An elite plane designer gives a practical explanation of how a plane like the B2, F117, F35, F22 and Yf23 achieves radar stealth capability. The Federal government of the United States recognizes 3 levels of classified information -- CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET. Beyond that, additional security protocols are identified as Special Access Required (S.A.R.) This web series presents never-before-seen interviews with aviation experts who worked in a SAR Program. The topics presented in this series are "Special Access Reports."

YF-23 A Sound SO AWFUL it Scares Alligators

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When you FEEL a sound in your bones and your guts start vibrating, then you know that’s one damn loud jet engine. In 1999 secret interviews were held in Hawthorne, California with the men who built the legendary YF-23 Advanced Tactical Fighter. Never before or since has such a series of interviews been authorized or conducted about a black-world program.

Flying in a dream

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My flight on the M-346 Master.

Wild fowls, I am sorry for endangering you...

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An ultralight encounters a family of wild fowls upon touchdown. the low speed of the ultralight and the breaking of same save the family. Subsequently, a low pass is made before landing to make sure they can feed safely.

US F15 Eagle low pass Afterburner takeoff ...

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Joint mission USAF - RNLAF before exercise Frisian Flag 2015