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First aerial "kill" of Korean War

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When USAF Twin Mustang shot down N. Korean YAK-11 on June 27, 1950 Music : (Instrumental) A Pink - Hush (no vocal)/iScream/YouTube

Cri-Cri - World's Smallest Electric Twin E...

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Twin-Engine electric MC15E Colomban Cri-Cri, the Future is here. World Speed Record with this electric aircraft : 283 km/h (175,46 mph) This airplane was equipped with two ELECTRAVIA electric motors, two E-PROPS propellers specially designed for this record, and two Lithium-Polymère KOKAM BATTERIES. The two electric engines E-MOTOR GMPE 104 (engines and controllers), maximum unit power the 35 HP (total power of the aircraft 70 HP)

POWER Wings USAF Skymaster O-2A - Sanicole...

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Postbellum Foundation Power Demo USAF Skymaster O-2A

Dutch B-25 Almost Inverted - Wings Of Free...

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Dutch B-25 "Sarinah" Almost twice Inverted during Wings Of Freedom 2015 of SKHV. The Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation

Air America Bell 205 shot down a North Vie...

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An incident in Vietnam War when an Air America helicopter shot down an AN-2, North Vietnamese make shift bomber. Music : Pong Lang DAT / Sunan Montree / YouTube

Water Bomber at Trans - Labrador Highway A...

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Trans-Labrador (Canada) Highway Accident between a Grader & Transport Truck. A fire started and was soon engulfing the entire cab, lucky the driver did get out & survived. Props to Milestone Media on YouTube!

Russian helicopter highway flying

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Check out the crazy Russians. I guess they don't have to conform to any of the FAR's. Wonder if you could get special dispensation from FSDO for a maintenance flight like this. Must be practicing "nap of the earth" flying.

B-1B Refuel and Burner Break

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B-1B Refuel And Thank The Tanker With A Gorgeous Burner Break

F-104 Starfighter Takeoff from Grosseto AFB

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Nice vintage video, F-104 Starfighter Takeoff from Grosseto AFB.

Mystere IV A vs F-104 A Starfighter

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An aerial duel between Indian Mystere and Pakistani Starfighter, 1965