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It's Too Late Baby!

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It's Too Late Baby, Breitling commercial.

Ultralight encounters von Karman Vortex

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Even at low surface-wind speeds of 5 - 7 Kt, the vortex can make ultralight flying uncomfortable.

RF-4 F4 Phantom Noise!

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RF-4 F4 Phantom Noise and low level flight.

Very still air, no-hand flying

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RANS S-6 takes off, flies low and lands_Two camera car DVR

Funny Cessna Caravan Tailstrike

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Funny Cessna Caravan Tailstrike

Boeing presents Operation Red Flag

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Boeing presents a very nice documentary about Operation Red Flag. By Stephen Low

What is washout

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Captain Bernoulli explains washout in his weekly videoblog to prepare (student) pilots for their technical pilot interview

The Incredible Brodie Landing System

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The Incredible Brodie Landing System used in WW2 for Stinson L4 and L5.

From grass run way to tarmac

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In a hefty cross wind, this RANS S-6 floated a long way before touchdown

Top Ten Low Pass

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Top Ten Low Pass


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Really Crazy Takeoff Of A Russian Plane On Extremely Contaminated Runway

AWACS Near CRASH During In Flight Refuelling

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Oct 21, 2012. Near miss collision during air to air refuelling between an Awacs and a KC-135 tanker. Acoordingly to Military unofficial news the NATO E-3 Sentry was damaged and some crew members were injured as a result of this maneuver. No news on what really happened or exactly caused it.