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How to open B717 door

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How to open B717 door

Flight to Victorville

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The Flight to Victorville, remembers and pays tribute to the Delta L1011. The last Delta TriStar in the fleet, ship 728, was retired from passenger service on July 31, 2001. On August 1st Captain Bill Arnold flew the airplane to its final resting place in the aircraft boneyard at Victorville, California. All of the passengers on this historic flight were Delta employees.


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Old video clip with the world's youngest DC-9 pilots and cabin crew...(from Curacao!)

Birdy gyrocopter demo

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birdy flying around in his RAF

DC-3 departing Santa Monica Airport SMO

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Santa Monica opened its new aviation museum which included mounting the "Spirit of Santa Monica" DC-3 on stilts.

John Travolta Airport House

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This is a short clip about the famous John Travolta House.

No more complaints with Flight Attendants!

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Would you complain again with a Flight Attendant after this?? Funny! :-D

A380 steep take-off

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An A380 (F-WWEA - MSN009) is taking off a t a very steep angle and turning right tight! Video taken at the Paris Air Show (le Bourget) in June 2007.

Nose wheel of Air India plane collapses

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The nose wheel gear of Air India Mumbai-Dubai flight collapsed during a pre-flight inspection at the parking bay of the Chhatra pati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

Southwest Airlines Safety Inspection Training

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Southwest Airlines along with four other US carriers are currently under investigation by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for failing to comply with federal inspection regulations. In the wake of this scandal we have uncovered the Inspection Safety video used by Southwest to train new employees.