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Jacqueline Cochran Air Show 2011-...

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Our end of the year salute to all our brave men and women serving away from home this holiday season and to those just coming home from long deployments from around the world. Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! Special Thanks to: Viper West Demo Team Planes of Fame Air Museum Mr. Steve Hinton Capt. Garrett "Mace" Dover for giving us access and support to make this video possible. Enjoy! PlaneVideoArt Productions

F-22 Raptor Flight Demonstration MCAS...

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F-22 Raptor at MCAS Miramar 2010.

FW-190 Living History Event, Planes of...

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This FW-190 A8/N new build by Flug Werk of Germany was the focus for January's living history flying event held at the Planes of Fame Air Museum located in Chino, CA. These events are held the first Saturday of each month for museum members and the public to learn more about the museum's outstanding collection of historical aircraft. This event was well attended by the public and a great time was had by all. Enjoy!

Northrop N9MB Flying Wing - Planes of...

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The Northrop N9MB flying wing was the 4th in the N9M series of aircraft produced by Jack Northrop as test aircraft for the flying wing design. The N9MB at Planes of Fame is the only remaining airframe of the N9M series. The N9MB was carefully restored over a 13 year period and is in flight status today. This aircraft is flown regularly at the museum and other local airshows. This aircraft is the actual great-grandfather of the modern day B-2 Spirit flying wing heavy bomber. Enjoy! Warbirds On The Net


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We decided to give you all of the cool video from this year's 2010 MCAS Miramar Air Show in one BIG video montage. So turn up your computer's sound system and get ready. Enjoy! Warbirds On The Net


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This TBM Avenger was restored to flight status by the Planes of Fame Air Museum located in Chino, CA. The video was shot during one of the Museum's living history events held each first Saturday of the month at the Museum. This TBM never saw combat in WWII, it served in a training role for air crews of TBMs.

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