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Chinook water landings

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Chinook water landings, enjoy also radio communications!

How To Crash a Boeing 720 Part 1

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In 1984, NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) teamed-up in a experiment called the Controlled Impact Demonstration (CID) to test the impact of a Boeing 720 aircraft using standard fuel with an additive designed to suppress fire.


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Nett ├╝berschall und aerobatic Video!

SA 315B Lama extreme flying

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Bernd van Doornick had some 22,000 total flying hours and is credited with more than 5,000 people rescued. September 1, 2007 marked his last flight at an air show, Bernd van Doornick showing the crowd gathered at Bex (Switzerland) what an Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama can do. The Lama holds to this day the absolute altitude record for all types of helicopters since 1972: 12,442 m. Quite an impressive helicopter, and with a skilled man at the controls this helo can do impressive stuff.

Car Vs Plane on a Carrier!

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Old French Citroen commercial, really crazy! :-D

Qantas Boeing 707 b-138 and John Travolta

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Jhon Travolta is the new owner of Qantas Boeing 707 b-138.

Landing and takeoff over John Travolta...

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Piper overflying John Travolta'house, landing and takeoff on his runway.

Meridiana vs Alitalia

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Per chi se lo fosse perso, beccatevi questa zuffa in frequenza tra Meridiana e Alitalia. On Frequency discussion between Meridiana and Alitalia for departure sequence at the end moderated by ATC, really funny!

Amazing landing gear rescue

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This plane needs help from a guy in speeding truck to open the landing gear.Amazing!!

New P-791 Super Blimp

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Cool vid of the controversial hybrid P-791 airship by Lockheed Martin....wow Amazing Aircraft The Biggest Blimp