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How pilots should talk!!

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This is your captain speaking...

Vancouver Air Traffic Controller makes Mar...

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Air Traffic Controller makes Marriage Proposal live on Air - A MUST HEAR

AVIANOVA.. advertising!

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Very... interesting way to advertise an airline. What can we expect in the future? Avianova is making the pace, gogogogogogo! LOL

Paro Bhutan VQPR runway 33 Arrival in Falc...

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Another interesting video on PARO airport in bhutan. runway in the middle of high mountains and nasty approach. must see

Real Paro Bhutan Landing 15 A319 Cockpit

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Looks like a visual approach, possibly a little bit low and damn close to a house on the right.. last turn at 100 feet AGL. I must say it looks dangerous.

Calendario ryanair 2008

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La compañía aérea de bajo coste irlandesa Rayanair vuelve con un nuevo calendario para 2009.Se trata de azafatas en bikini posando junto a los aviones de la compañía. Las sesiones de fotos se hicieron en el aeropuerto de Reus para mecánicos, técnicos y maleteros fue una mañana bastante más llevadera que el resto de días. El año pasado el instituto de la mujer denunció la iniciativa por sexista. Pero ryanair una vez más se defiende.

Voice recorder Tunisair ditching

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The aircraft developed engine trouble while en route from Bari Italy to Djerba, Tunisia The crew contacted Palermo ATC for an emergency landing but ditched into the sea approximately 19 miles north of Palermo. The pilot reported that both engines had failed. Fuel starvation. The maintenance crew incorrectly installed a fuel gauge for a ATR-42 on the ATR-72. Both instruments look very similar.

Cockpit night flight FCO-BRI

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i have found this video around on the net, nice. Night Flight from Rome Fiumicino to Bari.Includes take-off and landing

Airbus A310 air crash at Sudan 06/10/2008

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First video about the crash of the A310 in Sudan.. impressive fire and rescue operation going on.

i only gonna show you this once!

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dangerous flight! upside down through a narrow passage.. filmes from the cockpit! Incredible.

CFM56 Sucking all in its path

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This is a Boeing 737-800 during a snowfall at Toronto's Pearson Intl. Airport. You can see those engines sucking in all the snow in front of them, leaving a trail of clean concrete while making a wall of blasting snow behind.