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Take a backseat ride in a U-2 AMAZING!

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British TV host, James May, takes a backseat ride in a U-2.

Ilyushin IL-18 Aborted Take-Off

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An Ilyushin IL-18 Coot (Alada D2-FFR) Operated by DHL aborts takeoff from the 8202 ft long airstrip at Cabinda, West Africa. The pilot has done an excellent job; - there's a busy public road beyond the boundary fence,less than 50 metres from the end of the runway. Please don't ask me why he aborted; Sorry, I simply don't know. If you have any further news is well appreciated... This old coot is still in service; spotted at Luanda on 13th July 2009.

Macarena Dancing Safety Demo

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Stewardesses performing safety demo dancing macarena! VERY NICE!!! it was on a French charter flight. MUST SEE!!