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Aviation is a passion; and so is creativity. I am from the UK and try to combine both, and film and photograph airliners. I am grateful for the many messages of support of what I do. Many videos are now in 4K Ultra HD. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

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  • Age: 39 years old
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Antonov An-12 2 Ukraine Air Alliance...

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Antonov An-12 propeller aeroplanes landing and departing from London Stansted Airport on the same day. These old aircraft are a relatively rare sight anyway but to have two landing and depart from London on the same day within a few hours of each other is unusual. I hope you will enjoy the video of these almost 50 year old aircraft as they perform a steep approach landing and offer some amazing bass prop sounds along with the characteristic smoke trail. These aircraft are a sight and sound to enjoy. Both aircraft were operated by Ukraine Air Alliance and were painted in different liveries. The aircraft both departed for Heraklion.

Monarch Airlines Tribute Flying Into...

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Monarch Airlines A Tribute Flying Into History is my latest aviation video to commemorate and airline. Monarch was almost 50 years old when it sadly and suddenly ceased operations in the early hours of 2 October 2017 and went into administration with KPMG taking over winding down of the airline and assets. This video features some unique footage and photographs of Monarch aircraft through time. Beginning with an Airbus A321 landing at London Luton, the footage reverses into the sunset and clouds as we travel back in time with images of Monarch 757, 737-300 and 737-200 (look carefully for the BAC1-11) before a glimpse aboard a Monarch Bristol Britannia from back in 1972. Following these titles is a selection of Monarch jets that I've filmed at various locations including London Luton, Manchester Airport, London Stansted and Tenerife. The footage is from a variety of formats, from Super 8 Cine Film through to HD and 4K. Above all I hope you enjoy watching my attempt at a tribute to this airline. So many employees spoke about a sense of family when working there. This is my tribute to some of the history of Monarch. Best wishes to the employees that cared so much about their passengers and their airline. Thank you for watching.

Airbus A320neo Bombardier C-Series CS100...

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New Engine Jets - Airbus A320neo LEAP 1-A Bombardier C-Series P&W PurePower | Plane Spotting | London This video features new footage of two brand new aircraft at London Stansted - the Airbus A320neo of Pegasus landing and departing and the arrival of the Bombardier C-Series CS-100 following it's steep approach trials at London City Airport. Both of these aircraft are fitted with new state of the art engine technology. The Airbus A320neo featured it fitted with the CFM International LEAP 1-A engines whilst the Bombardier C-Series is fitted with Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1524G Geared turbofans. The immediate thing to notice is just how quiet these aircraft are, especially on landing and taxi compared to current generation engines. Although I have featured both aircraft in separate videos, this video contains new footage of both aircraft which visited London Stansted Airport in March 2017. TC-NBI Airbus A320neo Pegasus Airlines LEAP 1-A C-GWDY Bombardier C Series CS-100 Flight Test Vehicle P&W PurePower

London Stansted Airport Plane Spotting -...

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London Stansted Airport Plane Spotting - Atlas Global TUI Cobalt Funair Boeing Airbus Jets was filmed in December 2016 and features some frosty/winter lit scenes of many aircraft at London Stansted Airport including a number of firsts for me. As always I very much hope you enjoy the video and thank you for your support, comments and shares. UR-AJA - Atlas Global (Ukraine) Airbus A320 UR-AJA (first for me & a return of Atlas Global to Stansted from London Luton) G-FDZY - TUI (Thomson Airways) Boeing 737-800 my first view of a Thomson 737 in the revised TUI titles N757AG - Funair Corp Boeing 757-200, my first video of this VIP jet TC-IZC - Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800, I believe my first video of this jet 5B-DCU - Cobalt Air Cyprus Airbus A319 - following my video of the first international arrival of Cobalt to London, this is the first time I have filmed their Airbus A319 in that lovely, smart livery.

Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330, A321...

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Thomas Cook Airlines (TCX) is a UK charter airline operating flights to holiday destinations. During the Summer of 2016 Thomas Cook increased it's presence at London Stansted Airport in summer 2016 with the use of Airbus A321's on routes to the Mediterranean and Airbus A330's flying to Orlando Florida in the USA. Thomas Cook A330's include a leased HiFly aircraft in a hybrid livery.

Boeing C-17A Globemaster III Qatar Emiri...

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Boeing C-17A Globemaster III of the Qatar Emiri Air Force landing at London Stansted Airport. It is relatively uncommon for Military aircraft to land at commercial airports so it was fairly unusual to catch this huge transport aircraft. As well as the Boeing C17 is a Ryanair Boeing 737, a Eurowings Airbus A320 and a Royal Flight Boeing 737. As always I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for supporting my aviation videos. Aircraft Featured on 9 October 2016 A7-MAE Qatar Emiri Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster III A6-AIN Royal Flight Boeing 737-700BBJ EI-EVK Ryanair Boeing 737-800 OE-IEW Eurowings Airbus A320

Planespotting Mashup London Stansted...

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Thanks for watching this planespotting mashup video from London Stansted Airport. The video is a whopping 23 minutes long in 4K Ultra HD and features a lot of planes landing and taking off from London Stansted over the summer months of 2016. In total there are 19 key movements with 12 landing airplanes and 7 takeoff's. This is the first time I've attempted a video of this type of duration, especially in 4K UHD but it did seem like a good way to gather some of the unused footage I had gathered over the summer months since I have made a lot of special focussed videos of late, such as 'The Final Kuwait A310', 'Final Martinair', 'Goodbye VLM' ' 'Sun Country at Stansted', Thomas Cook at Stansted and Large Executive Jets at Stansted. The footage in this mashup was filmed over 5 days from 9th June 2016 to 14th August 2016. As always I really hope you enjoy watching the video and the wide variety of aircraft and liveries. This video features G-ZAPX Titan Airways Boeing 757 takeoff 9 June 2016 G-CCGS Loganair Dornier 328 landing 20 June 2016 D-AIZU Eurowings Airbus A320 takeoff 20 June 2016 A6-MMM Dubai Air Wing Boeing 747-400 landing 20 June 2016 G-EZBI EasyJet Shakespere Livery Airbus A319 Takeoff 27 June G-ZAPW Titan Airways Boeing 737-300 landing 27 June 2016 LY-MCA Danu Oro Transportas ATR72-200 landing 27 June 2016 G-TAWM Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800 landing 27 June 2016 ER-AXV Air Moldova Airbus A320 landing & Departing 27 June TC-AHP Pegasus Boeing 737-800 landing 27 June 2016 G-FBEK Flybe Embraer E195 takeoff 7 July 2016 OE-IEW Eurowings Airbus A320 landing 7 July 2016 G-COBO Aurigny ATR72-500 landing 7 July 2016 D-AGWI Germanwings Airbus A319 takeoff 7 July 2016 G-ZAPX Titan Airways Boeing 757 takeoff 14 August 2016 G-ECOF Flybe Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 landing 14 August 2016 HZ-A5 Alpha Star Airbus A318 landing & taxi 14 August 2016 EI-FRS Ryanair Boeing 737-800 landing 14 August 2016

Goodbye MARTINAIR McDonnell Douglas...

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This aviation video features McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (MD11) aeroplanes of Dutch airline Martinair Cargo. Filmed in 4K Ultra HD, this video includes the last ever Martinair MD-11 landing and departing London Stansted Airport. Martinair airlines is based in the Netherlands and was formed in 1958. Having flown both passenger and cargo flights. After 58 years transporting passengers and following a buyout by KLM, Martinair ceased flying passengers in October 2011. By March 2015 Air-France KLM announced they were reducing Cargo operations and that all Martinair MD-11 aircraft would be taken out of service and not be replaced. This video is therefore a tribute to this great and powerful McDonnell Douglas aircraft and to Martinair that flew the MD-11 to London Stansted for many years. So, after receiving their first MD-11 in 1994, their last, PH-MCP, flew out of London Stansted on 27 June 2016 for it's short flight back to Amsterdam Schiphol for retirement. I hope you enjoy watching both the final landing and departure of PH-MCP as well as some other scenes of Martinair MD-11's that I have filmed recently. I look forward to your comments and thank you for watching.

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