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Low pass compilation 2

03:36 262489 0 Commander

Second part of a compilation of some low level action in various aircraft ranging from high speed military jets to big airliners to small piston aircraft.

Swedish Aerobatic Demo

03:37 262367 0 mach3

Footage of the Swedish aerobatic demonstration squad Team 60. Formed in 1974 the team uses SAAB 105s. The unofficial name of the group were, while they were based at Ljungbyhed AFB, "En sexa Skåne" which translates to "six centilitres of Skåne Akvavit" in English.

USAF F-15C Emergency Landing

00:29 262247 1 raftornado1994

The portside landing gear of a US Air Force Boeing (MDD) F-15C Eagle collapses after making an emergency landing at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa.

Aviation Nation 2008 C17 Demo

04:11 262217 0 mach3 (not yet rated)

Aviation Nation 2008 - C-17 Taxiing Backwards Demo At Nellis AFB. Enjoy the clip!

Plane Landing on Aircraft Carrier

01:03 262026 3 USA_Spotter

Amazing video from the cockpit of a plane landing on an aircraft carrier. Must see!

Superb flight scenes video!

03:44 261936 4 Marko_Ramius

No words only flight with a beautiful song. Enjoy your flight! ;)

B2 Stealth Bomber Low Pass

00:46 261931 0 MR_Smith

Low pass of a B2 Stealth Bomber at Otis ANG base in Mass. Emphisizes how quiet these are!

Incredible airplane low pass compilation

01:13 261793 1 Topgun_pilot

Here's an incredible compilation with air force jets, doing some stunning low altitude passes, and even breaking the sound barrier while doing it. It's so beautiful, that it sends shivers down your spine! Enjoy!

JASDF Kawasaki C-2 First Flight

02:22 261694 1 mach3

Promotional video of the Japan JASDF Kawasaki C-2 First Flight on January 26th, 2010.