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Redlands Municipal Airport Compilation 2.0

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It only took two years, but the sequel to my original Redlands Municipal Airport Compilation is finally out. I originally wanted to upload this a while ago, but I couldn't while file uploading was disabled. Then, I realized that the HD video file was too large (566 MB) so I did have to make some compromises. However, it all worked out; it was exactly 2 years ago today that I uploaded the first video.

Helicopter Music Video

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Few small clips put together to the song : Devil Eyes by Hippie Sabotage Bell 412EP and B407 -Jamaica Defence Force

Bell 412 take off from a island south of J...

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Jamaica Defence Force Bell 412 departing Middle Cay, one of the islands that are located on the Pedro Bank 45NM South of Jamaica. Pedro Bank also known as Placer de la VĂ­bora It was once a busy and treacherous shipping passage used by seafaring Europeans in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; archaeologists estimate there are over 300 shipwrecks on the Bank See the link below for more info on the Pedro Bank Subscribe for more :

Bell 412 flight Jamaica (Norman Manley Int...

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Bell 412 EP flight from over the City of Kingston , Jamaica to the Norman Manley International Airport (MKJP).

Bell 412 Helicopter Jamaica Defence Force

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JDF Air Wing conducting training in Port Royal , Jamaica

Bell 412 CASEVAC at sea 2 of 4

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CASEVAC at sea 2 of 4 . Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing Crew members conducting a Rescue at Sea. Aircraft : Bell 412 EP

Bell 206 Jamaica Defence Force

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Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing Bell 206 landing at Up Park Camp, Kingston Jamaica This is 1 of 2 Bell 206 B3 that the Caribbean Military Aviation School operate to train Local and overseas students on the Rotary Wing phase of their military wings course.

Stunning Helicopter GoPro Views in Faroe Isl.

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JustPlanes Cockpit Film of Atlantic Airways includes a fantastic ride around the Faroe Islands with a dozen landings! For the full 4h30min film including the Airbus A319

EXTREME Smoke OTTO Helicopter Sanicole Air...

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EXTREME Smoking Helicopter OTTO Sanicole Airshow 2016