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Almost collision with aircraft

00:13 272641 3 Keeley

A skydiver comes close to hitting an airplane while in free-fall...

The Perfect Cabin Crew

02:38 255512 3 Keeley

Comedy sketch about British Airways cabin crew I found on the web!

B737 Post Maintenance Startup

00:52 257083 3 Lionel

This video shows a post maintenance engine startup of a B737. Someone is saying tha'is normal, for you?

KC-135 Low Pass!

00:13 262780 3 Keeley

This video shows a big Boeing fuel tanker doing an incredibly low pass in front of some cheering troops.

Nicoderm commercial on flight attendant

00:30 252940 3 Penny

Nicoderm commercial on flight attendant

Plane Landing on Aircraft Carrier

01:03 263765 3 USA_Spotter

Amazing video from the cockpit of a plane landing on an aircraft carrier. Must see!

Cessna Uses Road as Runway

00:21 258200 3 Jocey

Cessna Uses Road as Runway But Then it All Goes Wrong...

F15 able to land without a wing!

04:36 255026 3 Batman

look at this icredigle film, a pilot with his F15 was able to land almost without the righthand wing! The F15 is the most impressive and nice military jet!


00:22 257453 3 USA_Spotter

Incredible video of UFOs flying over Haiti!!!! MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Alitalia lost at JFK

03:37 274687 2 Keeley

An Alitalia plane misses the entrance to the runway at JFK and ends up in a remote area of the airport. May happen in big caotic airports ;)

Amazing Landing Scene

02:11 271002 3 USA_Spotter

Its always amazing to see an airplane landing in a snowy weather leaving behind vortex. Look this B737 Braathens Airline!