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New Tuareg Spot, push-back a 747!

02:22 262968 3 Jocey

Volkswagen Touareg pulls a Boeing 747

Airbus 318 business jet cabin tour

02:44 262688 3 Kriss

Airbus 318 busness and luxury jet, watch this cabin tour!!

Scary landing of a beginner

00:20 244985 3 Foxx

A scary landing of a beginner pilot, as you can see!!

Simply F16

09:16 258461 2 JackSpacer

nice footage with also onboard cockpit camera of a F16.

A320 cockpit

01:10 265188 2 Airliner

A panoramic view of the A320 cockpit, first officer side.

Helicopters Carter Aviation Technology

04:39 256889 3 GForce

Thecnology.... the future of aviation?

From Rome to Bolzano with AirAlps! 5/5

05:50 262574 3 fabrizio_micale

Educational Video by ENAV used to train Air Traffic Controller on Navigation and Avionics. Posted by its author. Contact me if you have any questions. Part 5

Landing at St Maarten cockpit view

00:30 263313 3 Airliner

A fantastic landing in famous St Maarten, the airport in the beach!

Blown into the water

00:14 253331 3 Skyworld

This video shows an Air France 747 literally blowing people off the beach, into the water. An amazing display of thrust. St marteen.