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Very bumpy landing in London City (EGLC)

00:18 269868 3 mach3

Swiss Air Avro RJ really very bumpy landing at London City Airport. January, 2008. Must see!

Bombardier Learjet 85 Cockpit

03:03 262101 3 JackSpacer

Ed Grabman, Project Pilot of Bombardier, shows us Bombardier Learjet 85 Cockpit. Enjoy the video and vote please!

The Foxy Bikini Safety Demo Rap!

02:18 264886 3 Flying_Steward

Here is something you don't see everyday. Foxy Flight Attendant Desiree leads an impromptu version (in her bikini) of the safety demonstration before takeoff. You'll never look at your flight attendant the same way again!

Gazelle Helicopter vs Porsche 911 GT3

02:56 268718 3 Afterburner

This is a really amazing race not the same already seen.. The Gazelle is one of the fastest helicopters in the world so what's going to cross the line first? On board cockpit and car views!

Piloti (comedy)

00:16 264010 3 Afterburner

Short funny clip about pilots! Explanation: Captain asks for landing gear in italian "carrello" that is the same word meaning shopping basket! Enjoy it!


00:18 256006 3 boeingboynat

The farewell tour of the DC-3 :-(

Missing Over New York - Avianca Flight 52 ...

22:58 253643 2 Lionel

It is normal for an aircraft to be delayed in flight. However Avianca Flight 52 is delayed numerous times, causing the Boeing 707 with 158 people on board to run out of fuel. The aircraft then crashes near Cove Neck, New York. This is the investigation riconstruction.

Pre-Departure Briefing - FAA Safety Video

04:51 257085 3 Afterburner

Pre-Departure Briefing as per FAA Safety Video. Enjoy the videoclip!

Apache Iraqi river run

00:57 257118 2 MR_Smith

Ever wondered what it would be like inside an Apache attack helicopter? Ride along these guys as they follow a river somewhere in Iraq. The gunner doesn’t really seem to be too impressed by this… guess this is just another day at work.

Helicopter almost crashes on takeoff

00:23 273422 3 MR_Smith

That helicopter almost crashes during takeoff, crazy!!