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Cirrus The Jet, Expo Aero, Robot Mechanic,...

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In this weeks show: 23rd Feb 2009 Are VLJ’s really worth all the fuss? How to finally get into a new aircraft. And the repair system that talks back at you Plus the other news that will actually interest you. You’re watching FullFlap.TV

Best alternative to the Flying Car? FullFl...

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Today: 13th May 09 Do you really need a flying car? What if you could choose when you take the "roadable part" with you? David Shelton has the answer. FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

Sexist (More Like Sexy) Virgin Atlantic Ai...

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This commercial celebrating the 25th birthday of British airline Virgin Atlantic has received complaints for being "sexist and offensive to women." We say it's just sexy.

Boeing B747 landing Hong Kong

00:17 279945 7 Lionel

Famous movie of a B747 landing in old Hong Kong airport

747 Retirement Flight Landing on Narrow Ru...

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Watch as this pilot shows consummate skill planting the big Boeing onto a very narrow, very short runway, for display in an aviation museum.

Fly Icaro Airlines! ;)

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An Ecuadorean airline , ICARO , is putting on 10 minute lingerie shows on one of its short internal flights.

Getting a cheap biplane, Fisher Flying Ful...

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In this weeks show: 16th Mar 09 How to get a classic aircraft without the classic price. Plus, hybrid powered aircraft, advice for drug smugglers and all the other goings on. It's FullFlap.TV, aviation TV for the new era of flying. You're watching FullFlap.TV

Landing on water without floats

02:10 265036 6 William

landing on water without floats is possile, look these amazing pilots!!

Berlitz commercial control tower

00:40 270693 7 William

Berlitz commercial a boy working in the control tower, will be less dangerous improving his english!!

KLM MD11 xwind landing

01:08 239055 7 USA_Spotter

Great landing of a KLM´s MD 11

Ryanair toilet charge alternative! Budget ...

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In this weeks show: 2nd Mar 09 Bizjet Travel for $285 or £199 pounds ! DNA reveals the Hudson assailant and The jet pack is back but in a rather odd way You’re watching FullFlap.TV

Landing on a dark runway and economical fl...

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In this weeks show: 9th Mar 09 The features are back! There’s only so much news any of us can handle so lets see what it’s all about in the air by getting airborne. Rick tries to land at night and finds it a very different experience. Plus also Vicki asks is it possible to get the same fuel economy out of a plane as a car. You’re watching FullFlap.TV