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Close Encounters Air Traffic Control Scene

03:26 178559 0 USA_Spotter

The tension in this scene is thick enough to cut with a knife. Excellent piece of film making. Back when spielberg made GOOD movies!

Grumman F9 Cougar Crash Aircraft Carrier

00:34 186000 0 Kriss (not yet rated)

Grumman F9 Cougar Crash Aircraft Carrier USS Essex 1956 Newsreel

KLM Cityhopper F50 Tribute

02:31 183561 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

Not my video, I found it on the net but it's a tribute to a great aircraft the Fokker F50. The F50 had made it's last flight last saturday (27 March).

British Airways A318 London city airport

00:01 177144 0 bananamanuk

British Airways operate the largest airliner into London's City Airport. LCY is a STOL airport and the A318 flies daily to New York JFK via Shannon ROI.

Funny Plane Accident

00:49 177666 0 ForFun

A plane accident, this movie is hillarious, words cant describe it…

Bombardier 415 Water Dropping Demo

05:23 173719 0 William

Bombardier demonstrating the 415 to the South Australian Country Fire Services. Credits go to: Darren Ouston

Hawk high speed low pass

00:08 184596 0 Desertwind

High speed low pass of a Hawk over a desert road...

Votec 322b Amazing Aerobatic Video

04:59 186607 0 Desertwind

Votec 322b Amazing Aerobatic Video

Amazing Crop Dusting Indiana

06:25 186881 0 Batman

The recent increase in the production of bio-fuels has skyrocketed the demand and price of corn. This heightened demand for corn is helping to drive a revitalization of the aerial application industry which has been in decline for decades. With prices for corn soaring ever higher farmers are more willing to apply insecticides and pesticides to protect their most valuable crops. In 2008 the number of acres to be crop dusted jumped dramatically and so did the demand for dusting pilots. I had the chance to interview a pilot (Steve Schaler) and managed to gain some insight into the life of a crop dusting pilot and the associated hazards.

Falcon Club

09:53 166605 0 141st_Kaplan

Falcon 4.0+Open Falcon 4.7