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Carrier Mishaps

02:28 186829 0 Topgun_pilot

Some clear video of Aircraft Carrier mishaps.

The OV-1 Mohawk

08:06 186268 0 Topgun_pilot (not yet rated)

The Mohawk was a Vietnam War era Observation and Forward Fire Control Aircraft.

Flanel Air, One Day Stewardess

06:41 193129 0 Flying_Steward (not yet rated)

SICK OF LIFE? BOOK A FLIGHT WITH FLANEL AIR! Every day is a great day in a Flanel Air stewardess's little life. And if she endures an average landing she'll be happy to take you to your final destination. Flanel Air: Say goodbye before you fly! LOL!

Paraglider loose his main airfoil

00:39 183316 0 Foxx

Stunning clip showing a paraglider loosing his main airfoil and deploying the rescue chute..

Landing plane looses its nosewheel FUNNY

00:15 193321 0 JetPower

This landing plane is about to loose its nosewheel. Make sure you watch it to the very end...

Close Encounters Air Traffic Control Scene

03:26 189517 0 USA_Spotter

The tension in this scene is thick enough to cut with a knife. Excellent piece of film making. Back when spielberg made GOOD movies!

Grumman F9 Cougar Crash Aircraft Carrier

00:34 200942 0 Kriss (not yet rated)

Grumman F9 Cougar Crash Aircraft Carrier USS Essex 1956 Newsreel

KLM Cityhopper F50 Tribute

02:31 195791 0 Aleale (not yet rated)

Not my video, I found it on the net but it's a tribute to a great aircraft the Fokker F50. The F50 had made it's last flight last saturday (27 March).

British Airways A318 London city airport

00:01 188867 0 bananamanuk

British Airways operate the largest airliner into London's City Airport. LCY is a STOL airport and the A318 flies daily to New York JFK via Shannon ROI.

Funny Plane Accident

00:49 186514 0 ForFun

A plane accident, this movie is hillarious, words cant describe it…