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Not so TopGun!

01:09 276060 5 Batman

Inflight refuelling problems for this pilot. The comments are from the cockpit of the tanker and are in Italian language.

Weird airplane

00:17 265486 5 Penny

What is this? It may be a super spy plane

Mig 29 aircraft accident

00:41 264265 5 William

Mig 29 aircraft accident during takeoff

Air China 981 at JFK

01:42 260773 5 MR____

Air China 981 taxing to the ramp at JFK.. Quite a mess with english!

A Cat in the Cockpit!

01:33 260875 5 Keeley

This is not mine but taken in from internet. Very funny!

Insane Sprial to Landing in a Gyrocopter

00:30 227022 5 09TurboSS

A Gyrocopter at Sun N' Fun 2011 making an insane 360* spiral to landing in high winds. For other awesome videos visit


02:18 276419 5 Kriss

Cobra crash Iraq, crew walked away just stunned....

Landing in Reggio Calabria

02:29 254136 5 Giandalf

A very nice ILS approach and landing in Reggio Calabria (South Italy) on board Alitalia MD-80. Copyright by Augusto Laghi.

Skycatcher, Roko Aero, LSA, Diamond, Ultra...

06:09 259310 5 fftvav

In this week's show: 2nd Feb 2009 Pulling together this weeks aviation stories in one, five minute show.

How to fly the Terrafugia Transition Flyin...

10:47 257541 5 fftvav

In this weeks show: 23rd Mar 09 The Terrafugia Flying Car works but what’s it like to fly Why you shouldn’t try to fly with a Swedish porn actress on your aircraft And who created the first Air Force. America, Russia? No. The french in the 1700’s! It’s FullFlap.TV, aviation TV for the new era of flying.

PA28 Vs SV1000 Motorbike, Stapleford, Fair...

07:31 251802 5 fftvav

Today: 24th Apr 09 It's time for some fun! What's quicker? A motorbike or PA28? Let's find out. Part 2 next week. FullFlap.TV – Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.

PA28, SV1000, Stapleford, Aircraft vs bike...

05:20 259878 5 fftvav

Today: 1st May 09 Part 2 of our Courier Challenge. Which is best aircraft or bike? Coming soon – Massive coverage of AeroExpo FullFlap.TV – Private, Commercial, Fun - Monday, Wednesday and Friday Aviation TV for the new era of flying.