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Piloting the BOEING 747 into Paris

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JustPlanes filmed the AIR FRANCE Boeing 747-400 just before its retirement on a roundtrip from Paris to Mexico City. Find the full flight at

Royal Air Maroc B737-700 Flaps Up takeoff?

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Video images purportedly capturing the 23 July departure of flight AT811 to Casablanca show the aircraft (CN-RNV) initially rotating with a high nose-up attitude. It momentarily lifts its main landing-gear before settling and lifting off again, only to touch down a few seconds later. The aircraft then reduces its pitch before becoming airborne and climbing away. Despite the attitude the aircraft’s tail did not appear to make contact with the runway. Flaps and slats were deployed??

Pilotsviews landing at Bromma Airport

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JustPlanes filmed the British Airways Dornier 328JET operated by Sun-Air of Scandinavia. On this trip we fly into Stockholm City's Bromma Airport. For the full 4 hour film

Pilotslife in the Cockpit of GOL Boeing 737

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JustPlanes spent a week filming GOL Airlines with flights to some great destinations around Brazil. This is a short trailer about Part 1 which is over 4h30mins long and can be found at

Taking the Twin Otter for a swim

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JustPlanes spent a week filming the ECA Twin Otter around Croatia with some beautiful flights. The full 3 hour film can be found at

SUPERB Takeoff BOEING 747-8 on wet runway

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JustPlanes airport runway action at Miami Airport includes this Cargolux Jumbo takeoff. For the full 8 hours visit

COCKPIT AIRBUS A380 on Takeoff

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JustPlanes filmed on the flightdeck of MALAYSIA AIRLINES Airbus A380 from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow. For the full 4h15min film visit

Opposing aces shot each other down HD

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This is the event in which an American ace and Russian ace shot each other down in Korean War.