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Ridge Soaring Country Style Low Level Flight HD

04:05 178184 4 Jocey

Ridge Soaring at Palomar mountain is an amazing and funny low level flight. As the author says: this puts roller coasters in a whole new perspective. Author & Credits: Bo Lorentzen

Mirage 2000s break some windows during a h...

00:20 172896 2 ElGringo

Brazilian Mirage 2000 break some windows during a very high speed low pass over some buildings.

Flying on a Navajo with KD Air HD

04:29 161124 4 Avioman

Flying on a Navajo with KD Air

Douglas C-124 Old Shaky

04:58 150450 3 Jocey

Restored Douglas C-124 Old Shaky filmed at Travis AFB. This was the first flight of the restored plane on 1983

Six year olds joyous for first flight

04:24 147518 4 flygirl

The name of the girl is Lainey and she is so amazed by her first flight ever! The pilot is her father also the author of the video. Very touching... Credits to youtube user: 7ac2dc3

A320 WindJet Palermo Incident Cockpit Voic...

03:43 158371 4 Rezzonico

WindJet Palermo Incident Cockpit Voice Recorder (Italian Language.

New StarWars VII Leaked at Frankfurt Airport HD

01:13 111801 3 Afterburner

Filmed in Germany at Frankfurt Airport! :-D

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Rehearsal Flight HD

03:03 120472 4 Boeingman

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Rehearsal Flight at Farnborough Airshow 2014.

Storm Imogen - Rough landings at London St...

01:00 67802 4 bananamanuk (not yet rated)

Filmed when so called "storm Imogen" hit the UK on 9th February 2016, London Stansted Airport was affected by gusts of wind up to 41Knots. This video captures some of the great piloting skills as aircraft big and small arrive at the airport in difficult conditions.

F-16 - Greek pilot against turkish in air ...

00:20 263049 3 Lionel

Movie of a F16 Greek Pilot winning against Turkish fighter in air battle.


03:32 260897 3 Clark_Griswold

A specific show of the best military fighter jets in the world. here we can see the F16, F15, F117, F22, F35, and the Eurofighter the Thyphoon

New P-791 Super Blimp

01:09 269355 3 Keeley

Cool vid of the controversial hybrid P-791 airship by Lockheed Amazing Aircraft The Biggest Blimp