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Amazing Night Flight HD

04:04 185309 3 Afterburner

Night Flight, this is a truly amazing video. Author & copyrights goes to Bernd Mellmann.

A320 Cockpit and GoPro Video HD

04:12 167157 1 ElGringo

Great A320 Cockpit and GoPro Video. Author: rodrigodavi. Airline: Avianca. Music: E.S. Posthumus, ARISE.

A320 gopro hero HD

05:25 170408 6 matteodeb

A320 takeoff and landing

The Concorde - 27 Years of Aviation History

03:04:48 165801 0 Aleale

Great documentary about the Concorde. 27 Years of Supersonic Flight.

Cessna 210 emergency belly landing HD

05:34 124395 0 Lionel

Cessna 210 emergency belly landing due to main gear malfunction. Only the fron landing gear was downlocked. Funny at the end!

The Sexiest Flight Safety Video HD

04:10 118899 2 Keeley

The Sexiest Flight Safety Video! Safety in Paradise by Air New Zealand.

SR-71A Flyover

00:13 265518 1 Jocey

A blackbird flying overhead

F117 Airshow Crash (CNN)

00:53 262259 0 Jocey

F117 Stealth crashes during airshow and recorded by CNN. No consequences for the pilot. :)

C-130 Hercules Super STOL

00:19 267401 0 Jocey

C-130 Hercules Super STOL at landing with crash

Mig 29 Fulcrum Collision

00:33 258916 0 Clark_Griswold (not yet rated)

A collision between 2 Mig29 during an Airshow

Birmingham TNT 737 landing with one main g...

03:29 259152 1 Keeley

A 737 emergency landing in Birmingham due to one of the main gear stacked in retracted position.

F18 Landing on a carrier

00:46 242897 1 Keeley

Cockpit video of a F18 landing on a carrier