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Boeing 777 Cathai Pacific landing crosswind

01:07 255085 0 William

Boeing 777 Cathai Pacific landing with crosswind

Landing in New York JFK visual approch

01:45 275708 1 William

From cockpit landing in New York JFk visual approch RWY 4R

F14 and F18 flyby

00:10 263454 0 Lionel

F14 Tomcat and F18 Hornet fly-by together!

Crosswind takeoff and landings

01:24 266063 0 Airliner

Nice collection of crosswind takeoffs and landing at Wellington Int. Airport (NZ)

An embarassing turbulence

00:30 256737 5 Penny

Attention, turbulence on board can be dangerous!!

F15 able to land without a wing!

04:36 254854 3 Batman

look at this icredigle film, a pilot with his F15 was able to land almost without the righthand wing! The F15 is the most impressive and nice military jet!

Amazing Personal Helicopter

00:01 259475 1 USA_Spotter

Check out this cool and tiny personal Helicopter

Crazy Landing Commercial

01:21 265712 0 Foxx

Part of a commercial with a crazy landing

its not just the S.B.S which are nuts!

00:31 244706 0 Foxx

a very impressive clip of a helo with its rear wheels in the water so it can recover a rigid rib, this air crew have balls! prob 22 sqd R.A.F as they work alot with spec forces (not sure of boat crew but im thinking may be 29 comando as its there line of work!)

Helicopter Whacks Hangar on Takeoff

02:30 253973 1 JackSpacer

This guy is taking off in a helicopter but as he ascends he clips the roof of the hanger causing him to crash.