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Cessna emergency landing

01:00 259196 0 William

Nice approach and landing of a cessna physically missing the left main gear, check it out! ;)

Landing and takeoff over John Travolta...

04:24 289701 1 Penny

Piper overflying John Travolta'house, landing and takeoff on his runway.

Qantas Boeing 707 b-138 and John Travolta

05:00 258328 1 Penny

Jhon Travolta is the new owner of Qantas Boeing 707 b-138.

Emergency Landing F-111

01:45 250215 1 Topgun_pilot

An incredible emergency landing by an F-111 after part of the landing gear fell off during takeoff. Apparently the pilot had only certified 2 weeks prior, which makes this landing very nice.

Irritated Air Traffic Controller

01:07 266491 0 William

Irritated Air Traffic Controller with Asiana, nice to hear!

American Airline commercial

01:00 264150 1 Penny

American Airline commercial post 9\11

A-10 low pass!

00:23 263822 0 Topgun_pilot

This is a very low pass of an A10 thunderbolt

Mig 29 aircraft accident

00:41 262896 5 William

Mig 29 aircraft accident during takeoff

Southwest Airline 70s Commercial

00:30 251597 2 Keeley

Nice Southwest Airline 70s Commercial with a low pass over a cabin attendant on the rwy! ;)

Blown into the water

00:14 254522 3 Skyworld

This video shows an Air France 747 literally blowing people off the beach, into the water. An amazing display of thrust. St marteen.

United Airlines B747 taxiing on runway

02:32 257147 0 mach3

Very spectacular footage of a United Airlines Boeing 747 taxiing on runway toward camera thru heat waves. Must see!

LIML Departures...

06:03 254487 2 airpilot

LIML Milan Linate Airport sunny departure from various sights! Enjoy