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LIML 36 Landings

04:11 258431 2 airpilot

Here some landings on rwy 36 Main Rwy in Milan Linate Airport. Hope you like it as i did it :)

Flight, ATC and... UFO!

04:05 255149 0 Lionel

Some very interesting description and audio footage between Airliner and ATC about a UFO. Enjoy the movie!

Airplane! Funny!

03:38 265653 0 Keeley

The original trailer of Airplane! Enjoy!

Mirage 2000 The skies predator

12:49 253158 0 JackSpacer

Really nice footage of French Dassault 2000, the skies predator! Enjoy the movie! :)

Black Asses, Blow me away!

03:27 270743 0 JackSpacer

Enjoy this incredible carrier footage! Welcome on board USS Navy Force!

Top 10 of the fighters!

08:18 254617 0 mach3

Enjoy this compilation of the top10 of modern fighters. This is related to the capabilities of the aircrafts in dogfights etc.

Incredible uphill landing, no rwy!!!

00:36 265530 1 Afterburner

Crazy incredible uphill landing on unprepared terrain and no runway at all!!! Must see!

Flight NZ-60 b767 incident ILS Failure

07:40 260968 0 GForce (not yet rated)

ILS SYSTEM FAILURE On 29 July 2000, during a standard ILS approach to Faleolo at night, an Air New Zealand Boeing 767 with 165 passengers and 11 crew on board commenced a go-around after descending to an altitude of about 400 ft some 6 miles short of the runway. An exhaustive investigation revealed that the ILS was transmitting invalid guidance information, while cockpit glide path and localiser indications were normal. This paper reviews the incident and sets out the results of the ensuing investigations. At no stage during the first approach, go-around, and second approach were any "flags" or EICAS messages displayed. Nor was there any autopilot warning or flight mode fault indicated. This serious incident has provided a valuable insight into a hitherto little recognised weakness in ILS systems that will create an extreme hazard unless great care is taken to adhere to ICAO standards and guidance material during ILS operation, design, and maintenance.

Push the limit

03:52 238042 2 MR_Smith

Swiss Air Force Performance, must see! ;-)

Swissair MD-11 over the Swiss Alps

04:42 257819 0 Kriss

A short promotional video about Swissair and the MD11. The Swiss Alps are heaven on earth. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to a great airline!

Avro Vulcan takes to the skies after 14 years

05:04 269811 2 Commander

The Avro Vulcan XH558 takes to the skies, 14 years after its last flight and following a £6m refit. The plane, which can reach speeds of up to 645mph, was expected to scale heights of around 3,000 feet during the 20-minute test flight and burn in excess of £1,000 of fuel. Project organisers were describing it as a "historic day for aviation". It is the first time an aircraft of the Vulcan's complexity has been given an extended overhaul on such a scale and then returned to flight, meeting all current aviation standards, said the Vulcan to the Sky Trust. With a characteristic screeching roar, the plane rose majestically into the sky to a cheer from watching supporters, sponsors and engineers before banking to the left. Just over 20 minutes later, to widespread relief, co-pilots Al McDicken and David Thomas landed it back on a Leicestershire airstrip. Speaking immediately after the flight, Squadron Leader McDicken said: "She was an absolute delight, every bit as good as I can remember. It was a tremendous privilege to fly it again!