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Panic on board, no flight attendants!!!

01:43 341165 6 Keeley

Tragic events on a Flight, all flight attendants taken ill, nobody available to serve drinks & food! :-D A comedy, off course all of us appreciate the work of cabin crews!

The airline of your dreams!

02:38 288235 2 Flying_Steward

Check out this airline, the sexiest hostess are here!!! :-P

Berlitz commercial control tower

00:40 273782 7 William

Berlitz commercial a boy working in the control tower, will be less dangerous improving his english!!

Il Mandarino, ATC communication

00:40 303186 1 Afterburner

Divertente comunicazione ATC tra un a/m Alitalia e il controllo ATC. Italian funny communication between a Alitalia flight and ATC controllers!.

ATC Italian Song

03:53 265338 9 Afterburner

Enjoy this Italian Air traffic Control Song!

Top-ten low pass of all time

03:29 204744 1 viper

Top-ten low pass of all time, all videos takeon from TakeOffTube! ;-)

KC-135 Low Pass!

00:13 266192 3 Keeley

This video shows a big Boeing fuel tanker doing an incredibly low pass in front of some cheering troops.

Iceman the later years

03:17 299757 5 Keeley

A well known comedy about topgun ;) and iceman with Val Kilmer.

Lufthansa Airbus wingstrike at Hamburg

01:01 267913 6 GForce

The Lufthansa flight LH44 from Munich experienced wingstrike while landing at Hamburg on 1 March 2008 during a storm. Nobody was injured; the plane landed using another runway.

Air China 981 at JFK

01:42 260433 5 MR____

Air China 981 taxing to the ramp at JFK.. Quite a mess with english!

Boeing 747 thunderstrike after takeoff

00:58 261567 3 Lionel

Really nice video of a Boeing 747 having a thunderstrike after takeoff!

Alitalia MD11 Hard Landing

00:14 260024 0 Lionel

Alitalia MD11 hard landing iin Hong Kong