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Beer and Skydivers Commercial! Must see!!!

00:30 274784 2 Topgun_pilot

looh at this crazy light beer commercial, must see!

Incredible airplane low pass compilation

01:13 266069 1 Topgun_pilot

Here's an incredible compilation with air force jets, doing some stunning low altitude passes, and even breaking the sound barrier while doing it. It's so beautiful, that it sends shivers down your spine! Enjoy!

A Cat in the Cockpit!

01:33 259174 5 Keeley

This is not mine but taken in from internet. Very funny!

Cockpit landing in st marteen 747

03:08 264226 1 Skyworld

Landing in st marteen, view from the cockpit. final approach and touchdown, you can hear the pilot voices doing their checklists. very nice

Take a backseat ride in a U-2 AMAZING!

09:59 254754 13 Jocey

British TV host, James May, takes a backseat ride in a U-2.

Boeing B747 landing Hong Kong

00:17 280474 7 Lionel

Famous movie of a B747 landing in old Hong Kong airport

A quiet fishing day!

00:55 259520 1 Batman

Look at this funny clip..

B737 - 900 cocpkit windows opens during ta...

02:35 270937 5 Airliner

A strange takeoff with the cockpit windows opening during takeoff!

Very funny passport control video clip

00:45 262902 2 Jocey

A man tries to make himself look more like his passport photo when he gets to a security checkpoint at the airport.

Alitalia lost at JFK

03:37 275880 2 Keeley

An Alitalia plane misses the entrance to the runway at JFK and ends up in a remote area of the airport. May happen in big caotic airports ;)

Skywalking Chihuahua

01:11 251605 4 northwesternpilot

Ugolina walking on a C152 instrument panel

C130 Extreme Demo

06:38 187740 1 JackSpacer

AMAZING C130 Extreme Demo! Please vote, like and share this fantastic videoooo!