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747 Jet Blast Demo

00:12 245934 1 MR_Smith

A nice demonstration of the power of a 747!

Funny Safety Briefing

02:28 262330 2 Jocey

Flight from LAX to Chicago MDW, this flight attendant made some very interesting remarks that had the whole plane laughing! :D

Plane Landing on Aircraft Carrier

01:03 263765 3 USA_Spotter

Amazing video from the cockpit of a plane landing on an aircraft carrier. Must see!

Funny ATC Conversations!

03:18 246783 0 Commander

Simply Funny ATC Conversations! Enjoy!

Hudson River Plane Crash Crew Interview

09:02 259013 2 Keeley

Its nice to see that we still have people who are so professional, and that they do what needs to be done, the way that it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done. The Captain and Crew of this flight should be saluted by everyone in the world for the excellent job that they did.

B747 dramatic takeoff from Saint Martin

00:35 213533 1 Rezzonico

Dramatic clip of a 747 taking off from Saint Martin passing just over the camera operator. COOL and FUNNY!

Colombian DC-3 Daredevil Pilots

24:59 178953 0 ElGringo

Colombian DC-3 Daredevil Pilots brave one of the world's most perilous air routes to deliver supplies, passengers and goods to villagers deep in the heart of Amazon.

Lufthansa A380 Cockpit Landing SFO HD

14:25 181657 2 Rezzonico

Lufthansa Airbus A380 Approach and Landing at San Francisco Airport (SFO) filmed form cockpit.

Helicopter - Onboard Crash

00:25 269381 0 Lionel

This video is a crash on military helicopter during onboard ship landing.

Helicopter Crash-moron trying to flying (m...

01:20 292669 11 Lionel

Funny movie of a guy trying to pilot a small helicopter! :D