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Acrobatic aircraft flying into a hole in t...

00:17 257814 2 Jocey

Really incredible video of an aircraft flying into a hole in the mountains!!! Recorded from the cockpit. Must see!!!

Aerobatic Team - Red Bull Air Race

04:37 264819 4 MR____

Fantastic Aerobatic Team Red Bull in Air Race 2004 in Budapest. Must see!

A321 TAP extreme crosswind landing

00:37 262130 2 Lionel

A go around performed after an attempt to land in extreme crosswind conditions

Airliners Crazy Race

02:35 248566 1 Lionel

This fantastic, hilarious, award-winning video is all digital. The dialogue is all in German, but that hardly seems to matter....

747 beautiful landing

00:24 252706 0 Keeley

This beautiful video shows a beautiful B747 landing at sunset.

JFK ATC Bad Day at the office - Funny

09:08 260307 0 Airliner

You think you have had a bad day at work. Once you have heard this think again lol

Landing on water without floats

02:10 260763 6 William

landing on water without floats is possile, look these amazing pilots!!

Flying dog!

00:23 254162 1 USA_Spotter

flying dog in a small plane....poor dog!

Controllo ATC diretto Kulen!

01:04 253648 0 Afterburner

Coordinamenti tra ATC in cui si discute dei punti SUKUN, KULEN e BAGNO! Da sentire!

KLM MD11 xwind landing

01:08 231472 7 USA_Spotter

Great landing of a KLM´s MD 11

Thomsonfly B757 Birdstrike (long version)

05:18 243278 1 JackSpacer

This video is the long version of Thomsonfly bird strike during take off from manchester. Returning for a emergency landing. ATC included! ;)

Aircraft "Oops Situations!" pictures!

02:58 256869 2 JackSpacer

A funny collection of aircrafts.. Hope you enjoy!