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Passenger reaction to G effect on F18

01:58 233334 2 Jocey

Look at this funny video of a person sitting as passenger on a F18! Ah ah ah!!

Canadian CT-155 Hawk Crashes Birdstrike an...

01:04 246401 0 Jocey

A Canadian/BAE CT-155 Hawk crashes shortly after taking off and sucking a bird into its engines. Video taken inside cockpit! Very nice!

News Helicopter Crashes

00:27 242761 2 MR____ (not yet rated)

A news helicopter starts spinning out of control and crashes into a building. The passengers and pilot managed to survive with little damage.

KLM cockpit video landing in Lima

07:12 240367 1 William

KLM video from cockpit approching Bonaire-Quito Lima

How to trim the trees..

08:09 234894 0 USA_Spotter

Ever wonder how they trim the trees around the power lines?? Look at this video! ;)

Fly Big Balls Airlines!

01:14 237666 0 Keeley

See their commercial... :-D

Crazy Ass Approach at New York LaGuardia

01:07 252556 0 Foxx

Crazy Ass Approach at New York LaGuardia. Kai Tak style approach at what is known as the expressway approach, (visual 31)at KLGA(LaGuardia).

Not so TopGun!

01:09 252984 5 Batman

Inflight refuelling problems for this pilot. The comments are from the cockpit of the tanker and are in Italian language.

BAe146 crosswind takeoff

00:54 240857 1 USA_Spotter

This is called a xwind takeoff!

Simply F16

09:16 242126 2 JackSpacer

nice footage with also onboard cockpit camera of a F16.

ATC Control in Italy

08:23 245983 0 Afterburner

Servizio andato in onda a Super quark che spiega abbastanza semplicemente il ruolo del controllore del traffico aereo in italia. Documentary in Italian about the work of Air traffic controllers.