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747 xwind landing

00:52 246237 0 USA_Spotter

A 747 crosswind approach & landing RWY14 Zurich

Israeli pilot land F-15 with ONE wing

06:05 264780 2 Skyworld

During training an f-15 end up colliding with another plane and here starts the story.. unbelivable.

Speed of sound

05:32 267102 0 Airliner

Simply enjoy this "speed of sound" video!

World's Most Amazing Video Wake Turbulence...

04:23 274128 0 William

In 1995, at the FAA's Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, a " Wake Vortex Flight Test" was conducted in reponse to the crash of USAir 427 ( airplane shown in video) This video includes the airplanes that participated in the tests as well as representative samples of flight test conditions. The video includes shots of each of the participating airplanes - the vortex generating B727, the vortex-encountering B737, and the T-33 chase plane. The video also documents wing-mounted smoke generators on the B727, and shows several test conditions, in which the B737 flies into the smoke-identified cores of the B727's wake vortices. The encounters are shown from the chase plane, the B737's cockpit camera, and the B737's tail-mounted camera.

Boeing 777 Quick Assembly Video

04:12 253776 0 flygirl

Hello, this is a funny quick assembly video of the B777. I hope you like it!

People like us, Pilots part 1/3

10:06 260113 2 Jocey

BBC documentary about the life of pilots, full of British humor now and then... Enjoy the movie! ;)

Blue Angels Solo 3 Days - 3 Sneak Passes

00:33 253705 2 mach3

Very short video of Blue Angels Solo John Allison performing Sneak Passes over San Francisco Bay during Fleet Week 2007. Thursday - Saturday October 4-6.

How pilots scare terrorists!

00:54 269019 1 Keeley

This is how pilots should talk these days!!! Funny!

Air New Zealand staff have nothing to hide!

00:45 263809 4 Keeley

Body painted Air New Zealand staff support new commercial. Using Gin Wigmores track Under my skin, tha's incredibly funnyyy! :-D

A380 very steep takeoff

01:00 276096 1 Aleale

Amazing A380 steep takeoff!