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HD video of Boeing 787 by 3D Aviation.

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Video created by 3D Aviation ( ). 3D Aviation is the leader in aviation related computer 3D graphics. Video & still images of any livery and aircraft from any viewing angle. Boeing 787 Dreamliner in different liveries. Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Continental Airlines, 787 Housecolors, LOT and Icelandair.

Low and Crazy

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Funny Low and Crazy Video!

Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport (1925 - 1998)

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Kai Tak Airport VHHH (1925 - 1998) VHHX (since 1998) "traditional Chinese: 啟德機場" was the world's busiest international airport. The growth of Hong Kong put a strain on the airport's capacity. The airport was designed to handle 24 million passengers per year but in 1996, Kai Tak had already handled 29.5 million passengers, plus 1.56 million tonnes of freight, making it the third busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic, and first in terms of cargo. However extremely busy Kai Tak was located in the city center, the Kowloon City "九龍城" (The city of nine dragons "city surrounded by nine mountains"), around by high density buildings, numerous skyscrapers and rugged mountains reaching an altitude of 2000 ft. with single narrow runway (13/31) very close to taxiway jutting out into Victoria Harbour, and further less than 10 Km is Hong Kong Island, another densely populated area with hills up to 2100 ft. The only way approach to Runway 13 was a sharp 47-degree right turn before and of the same level with the checkerboard (a small hill painted with red and white checkerboard at 1:18) at about 100-meter altitude then align with the runway. Often with strong crosswinds, the airport was infamously difficult to land at. However, due to the same reasons, only experience pilots were chosen for the challenging approach and air crash incidents rarely occur. The low altitude manoeuvre was so spectacular that crowded streets of people, multi-storey buildings, vehicles and pavements can easily be "touch". I can hear "WOW" or "My God" from passengers when they aware of the home decorations through apartment windows which is of the same level with the aircraft like flickering of televisions even children say "Hi" to them before landing. In this video, you can found the most extremely landing, but these happened several hundred times per day, and was just the real daily life of Hong Kong people.

Near-miss collision over Tyrolean Alps

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Near-miss over Tyrolean Alps, The pilot's reaction is kinda weird! Lol

IMAX Fighter Pilot vs. Trouble Song

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IMAX Fighter Pilot vs. Trouble Song

Top Gear - Spitfire Magic

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Clarkson, Hammond, and May have a go in Spitfires before facing the Germans in Zolder.

A pilot year in 177 seconds

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A year of Airbus A320 flying in a short video. Copyrights go to Michael KEF but the video was uploaded in a wrong generalistic site, the right place of course it's on! ;-) To all aviation enthusiasts.


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Some great Harrier footage including excerpts from the final UK Harrier GR9/T12 flight on 15 Dec 2010, during which a 16 ship formation was flown. Includes RF 10-3, Auriga 10 and RAF Wittering/Cottesmore.

Impressing Wingsuite Flying by Jeb Corliss HD

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I've found this video, original name is Grinding The Crack and it's really REALLY amazing! The flying man is Jeb Corliss, here his original description and credits: Multiple camera angle flying the crack. I already know the exit was horrible but the flight made up for it :) cameras by base gear by wing-suits by clothing by helmets by you can fallow my latest news at

Viper West - F16 Flight Demonstration Team HD

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Viper West - F16 Flight Demonstration Team. The video was recorded during the 2011 Jacqueline Cochran Air Show held each November in Thermal, California.


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STS-134 crew begin the final journey to the International Space Station on May 16th, 2011 I highly recommend wearing headphones whilst watching this video. . .especially at 4:19 when the Launch sequence begins

Yak-50 Engine out and crash landing from c...

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During the recording of a watch promo commercial video this Yakovlev Yak-50 had an engine failure. The pilot was forced to perform a emergency landing. Note that Yakovlev Yak-50 manual suggests to land on grass and with the landing gear up in this condition. Good job!