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George Beurling, Canada's top ace of WWII

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He survived the War with 31 victories

A Few More Redlands Municipal Airport Videos

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I actually didn't even know that I had these until I came across them in a folder that wasn't encrypted by a virus. So, with a little editing, they're now semi-watchable.

Nice Work Piloting A340 into Munich

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SAAB J-37 VIGGEN Multirole DEMO Sanicole A...

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Saab J-37 Viggen Sanicole Airshow 2016 another milestone Multirole Fighter / Interceptor aircraft SAHF Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

NICE UK Beech B200 Super King Air G-BGRE

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Vliegbasis Leeuwarden Beech B200 Super King Air G-BGRE Operated by ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker, this particular Beech 200 has had the Blackhawk Super XPR-61 upgrade including new PT6A-61 engines.

Blackshape Prime Plane spotting Lelystad A...

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2-4-2016 Lelystad Airport, vliegveld Lelystad PH-4N4 - Blackshape Prime PH-PEP - Pitts Special PH-SET - Piper PA-28-161 Warrior OY-GNS - Vulcanair P68C-TC PH-HOK / E-29 - Fokker S-11 PH-4L3 - Air Creation Microlight N137KM - Piper PA-46-500TP PH-DRT - Piper Archer II PA-28-181 PH-4M9 - Blackshape Prime PH-ZVA - Aero Sp. AT-3 R100