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South America Crop Dusting Amazing Video

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South America Crop Dusting Amazing Video

The Sexiest Flight Safety Video

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The Sexiest Flight Safety Video! Safety in Paradise by Air New Zealand.

From The Sky

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From The Sky

Drift Battle

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Car vs. Plane Gymkhana Drift Battle video. Filmed with GoPro Hero 3.

Airbus A350 First Engine Startup

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Airbus A350 First Engine Startup

F16 Demoteam new Airshow display 2013 Volk...

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Full Airshow demodisplay Dutch F16 DemoTeam Orange 1 18-4-2013 Tail: J-884

Helicopter Scares Russian Drivers

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Helicopter Scares Russian Drivers

The women of the USS Ronald Reagan

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Nice video of The women aboard the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier singing That don't impress me much. Thanks girls, that's FUNNY!!!

Barnacle Geese Fly Over London with Christ...

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Microlight pilot Christian Moullec went to extraordinary lengths in order to film birds in flight from up close overflying the city of London. He hand-reared a brood of Barnacle Geese who now see him as their mother and follow him in flight. This is the backstage part of the BBC documentary. Really incredible!

British Airways 2 #Boeing 747-8 landing, A...

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This video is uploaded in 1080 full HD... it's a test video, but includes all brand new footage including 2 Boeing 747-8's at London Stansted in the form of G-GSSF and G-GSSD along with Pegasus and Thomson Airways Boeing 737s, and ATR72-201 of Aurigny - always looking so smart in that livery - and a few others in the titles. As always I am extremely grateful for you taking the time to view.

Antonov An-124 stuck in the snow

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Got stuck with your airplane in the snow? No problem for this Antonov An-124!

P-3C Orion Patrol Squadron

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Originally designed as a land-based, long-range, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) patrol aircraft, the P-3C's mission has evolved in the late 1990s and early 21st century to include surveillance of the battlespace, either at sea or over land. Its long range and long loiter time have proved invaluable assets during Operation Iraqi Freedom as it can view the battlespace and instantaneously provide that information to ground troops , especially U.S. Marines. The P-3C has advanced submarine detection sensors such as directional frequency and ranging (DIFAR) sonobuoys and magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) equipment. The avionics system is integrated by a general purpose digital computer that supports all of the tactical displays, monitors and automatically launches ordnance and provides flight information to the pilots. In addition, the system coordinates navigation information and accepts sensor data inputs for tactical display and storage. The P-3C can carry a mixed payload of weapons internally and on wing pylons.